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New kitten not eating?

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ihearttc Sat 15-Feb-20 11:18:46

We collected our new kitten yesterday (our previous cat was 19 and had to be PTS before Christmas-we had him from a tiny kitten but obviously that was many years ago). He was found abandoned in a cardboard box so taken to a rescue place where we fell in love with him. They think he is about 16 weeks but he’s tiny! He is very calm when you hold him but just wants to hide all the time which I know is normal. I had him on my lap last night where he was quite content and fell asleep.
I’m slightly concerned that it’s been 24 hours and he has literally only eaten a couple of mouthfuls of wet food over night? I realise he’s anxious but he is so tiny that not eating isn’t going to be good for him.

Any suggestions?

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dementedpixie Sat 15-Feb-20 11:21:14

Are you giving the same food? If he's hiding, put the food close to where he is. Keep food away from the litter tray too

TheMemoryLingers Sat 15-Feb-20 11:26:03

It is normal for a new kitten or cat to hide away at first and not eat - it was 48 hours before our last new boy (about 12 weeks old) ate or used the toilet, and then he did it overnight so no one was watching.

If you haven't already, confine him to a small space (one room) and let him hide away if that's what he wants - he will gradually start coming out when he gets used to you. If he's eaten a couple of mouthfuls that's a good sign. Make sure he has an opportunity to eat when he is completely alone, as cats know they are 'vulnerable' when eating so are reluctant to do so in the presence of people they're not yet sure of.

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