Had to put the cat down last night and I've lied to the kids

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bringbackspanishflu Thu 06-Feb-20 08:13:50

Kids are 13&11 and have just left for school.

We've had a tough week with the cats. Big boy spent the night at the vets as his bladder was blocked and only came home yesterday.

Going to bed last night and wuss cat was yowling, and dragging his back legs. I thought he'd been hit or fallen badly(they'd been out for 10 mins - they don't normally go out at night but they hate pooing in the litter box and after big boy's issues I felt that 10mins in the garden would be a good idea)
Wuss cat was dragging his legs and in a great deal of distress, I gave him some of the pain meds for big boy and took him to the emergency vet at around 11:30.
Vet took one look and diagnosed saddle thrombus. Slightly possible to fix with induced comma, high pain relief and blood thinners but complications are common and severe and reoccurrence is high.
He was screaming by this point so I had to put him to sleep.
He went from fine at 11 to dead by 12!
I couldn't tell the kids before school, they would be devastated, he was only 4.
I said Their dad must have let him out when he left for work as they normally feed the pets and sort them before school.

I've never lied to the kids before about anything, they've lost close family and friends so have experienced death and illness so it isn't about that just the sudden unexpectedness of it.

I can't get me head around it.

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GaaaaarlicBread Thu 06-Feb-20 08:18:07

So sorry for your loss , pets are like family .
Sit them down after school later and explain it to them, they sound quite mature if they understand the loss of family members etc. So sorry once again xx

jenthelibrarian Thu 06-Feb-20 08:30:25

I'm so sorry to read this.
Just before xmas I had to take the cat to the vet, discovered he was in heart failure, had to have him pts.
I was all on my own that weekend and it was horrible to deal with.

Please do tell your kids what happened, you've had a shock and need to come to terms with it yourself, but they need to know so you can all grieve together.
I had my cat's ashes returned to us so we can put them in the garden, at home with us.

My sympathy and my love to you and your family.

bringbackspanishflu Thu 06-Feb-20 08:34:04

Every intention of telling them after school. I just couldn't this morning.
The eldest has an art project based around that car, she'll be studying picture of him to draw in art today- it would have been a nightmare day for her.

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ohhhyesitis Thu 06-Feb-20 08:54:44

Oh I'm so sorry. We had the same with our youngest cat just before Christmas a couple of years ago. We went with the initial treatment, but he was so so poorly, and a couple of days later he had another thrombus and we had to have him put to sleep anyway.

You've done exactly the right thing, give yourself the day and then tell the kids tonight. I would have done exactly the same. thanks

SoupDragon Thu 06-Feb-20 08:57:14

What you've done is absolutely fine.

So sorry about your cat.


peanutbuttermarmite Thu 06-Feb-20 08:59:54

You poor thing, you need time to recover from the shock so you can tell them calmly, you did the right thing.

Didshereally Thu 06-Feb-20 09:00:58

White lie of omission.

You just were just picking your time to give them such devastating news. And just before school so they go off alone and howling to school wasn't the time.

MrMeSeeks Thu 06-Feb-20 09:03:01

I’m so sorry, it’s awful losing them flowers

Want2beme Thu 06-Feb-20 11:58:09

What a shock for youflowers. So sorry for your loss, poor kitty. I hope Big Boy feels better soon.

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