Silly cat brought a live mouse in - and let it go

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NigellaAwesome Wed 05-Feb-20 09:58:00

Last night when I was mning I suddenly realised that the cat was very interested in something in the corner of the kitchen. She had brought in a live mouse, and then let it go. I tried to get it with a brush and pan to put it out, but it was a feisty one and escaped.

I gave up and went to bed, half expecting to come down this morning to a body. I did think I heard some crashing around in the middle of the night, but no evidence of a dead mouse this morning.

Of course, the cat has lost interest and is sleeping in her radiator bed.hmm

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Thecatisboss Wed 05-Feb-20 10:04:29

In this situation I've caught mice with peanut butter on a cracker and then trapped them with a plastic box to enable me to set them free outside.

When I've not realised and not caught them..... Well we found a mouse skelton under the washing machine once.

NigellaAwesome Wed 05-Feb-20 10:07:47

That's what I'd ideally like to do - to put it outside. Poor mousey - it's not its fault the bloody cat decided to bring it in, so I don't want to use a mouse trap.

I'm not sure that with the cat around it would be lured out by the peanut / cracker option, although I quite fancy that now.

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SpamChaudFroid Wed 05-Feb-20 10:08:46

Try a humane mouse trap with peanut butter in it.

Beamur Wed 05-Feb-20 10:11:05

I keep a humane mouse trap for this very reason! Tip for the future. Buy one and keep it outside so it smells right. Bait with a malteser.
But for now, a small box - cracker & peanut butter is a good call. Mouse will be somewhere quiet and dark.

NigellaAwesome Wed 05-Feb-20 10:30:08

I'd never even heard of humane mouse traps before! I've ordered one from Prime, so should have it tomorrow. I hope the cat doesn't get to it first.

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Beamur Wed 05-Feb-20 11:03:24

I was woken by something scratching in the bedroom a few nights ago. As my cats have previously brought in mice, shrews, voles, birds and even a mole once, it's not that unusual.
Scratching was followed by quite loud thumping noises. Turned out my cat had gone for a snooze in the wardrobe and wanted to come out now grin

InOtterNews Wed 05-Feb-20 11:07:17

This has happened to me. Thankfully released in the lounge, not the kitchen. Cue 30 mins of mouse-hunting farce - moving furniture, chasing cat out, closing/opening various doors. Eventually found it cowering in a corner under a large shelving unit (argh!) and picked him up with rubber gloves and put it in the garden where it probably died of shock

Cat was very pleased with himself though tosser

zombielady Wed 05-Feb-20 11:13:44

Last week I noticed our cat loitering suspiciously near ds's shoes. Yep, cute little mouse was hiding inside. Took me 20 minutes to get the bugger out!

minniemoll Wed 05-Feb-20 11:28:44

My cats do this a lot. I have glass bowls at strategic points around the house to pop over them, along with thin card to slide underneath, then I let them go outside.

Unless they're dead, like the one this morning....

VicSynix Wed 05-Feb-20 18:31:19

Welcome to my world. Girlcat specialises in bringing them in at 3am, then losing them. In fact we now have Schrodinger's Mouse, which went under the cooker and it may still be there, or it might not...

Itwasntme1 Wed 05-Feb-20 19:53:39

My little monster did this. I had to rescue the poor little mouse and let it go in the garden.

I wouldn’t mind as much if she killed her instantly, it’s playing with them that upsets me😢

NigellaAwesome Wed 05-Feb-20 21:25:39

So far there have been no sightings, so it is either hiding, or the cat has eaten it. She usually leaves the tail and kidneys, so I don't think she has eaten it.

Hopefully the humane trap will arrive tomorrow and I have peanut butter at the ready.

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TheFluffiestCat Wed 05-Feb-20 21:40:26

Have you got my cat?I think she works undercover for the Mouse Support Society. She brings them in, if I'm lucky I notice, if not, the squeaky fucker eats the curtains and shits in the cupboard under the sink before I spot it.

I put cat biscuits and raisins in a humane trap, close to where I think it's hiding. Then it goes for a little excursion to the woods a couple of miles away, where I hope it lives a long and happy life.

NigellaAwesome Thu 06-Feb-20 00:30:52

I would be extremely unimpressed if any curtains are eaten in the course of the mouse visit. If that were the case the humane trap would be returned pdq, unused.

I have lovingly made every curtain and blind in this house, lined, interlined, and hand sewn.

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DecemberSnow Thu 06-Feb-20 00:36:03

Hope she isnt pregnant....

They can have Alot Of babies

SingingMyOwnSpecialSong Thu 06-Feb-20 00:51:05

Humane traps are usually very effective, especially if you have a rough idea where mouse is. My cat has brought a few live ones in as gifts for me, usually manage to keep them in the kitchen and they go in the trap as soon as the house is quiet for a couple of hours.

Latest one was hiding behind the cat bed when I lifted it to sweep up spilt cat food (should have guessed it was split due to a mouse being chased through it!) It vanished, ran out from under the fridge into the cat’s paws yesterday and has now vanished again. Bloody defective cat! My old boy who died last year only brought two things in during his fifteen years, hunted loads but kept them outside. And we never had mice. This one thinks it is his job to bring them in, he’s always so proud of himself too!

NigellaAwesome Thu 06-Feb-20 12:44:44

Well I know the mouse was still alive this morning because the cat was watching the corner by the sewing machine with a lot of interest. I set down a corner of cracker with peanut butter as it is probably quite hungry, and to test if it was still there. Cracker disappeared.

The trap has arrived (I love Amazon Prime) and I have just baited it and popped it where I put the last bit of cracker. Cat is uninterested and sleeping on to of the wood burner.

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SingingMyOwnSpecialSong Thu 06-Feb-20 23:25:43

Hope yours has survived, been trapped and is now happily back outside. Followed my nose and tracked my sadly deceased rodent visitor to behind a chest of drawers. Not pleasant! Cat is contrite.

NigellaAwesome Fri 07-Feb-20 00:25:01

@SingingMyOwnSpecialSong I wish.

Firstly, the Amazon delivery interrupted a really important meeting I was in, and apologetic explanations about mouse traps and Amazon delivery were met with stony silence.

Secondly, there has been scraping in mouse corner a few times this evening, but no going into the trap. Cat is going ballistic, I really want to go to bed but don't want to leave a mouse in a trap all night.

FFS. Bloody cat.

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SingingMyOwnSpecialSong Sat 08-Feb-20 07:29:24

Hope you went to bed and have now caught the mouse. Overnight is when all the ones we’ve had in have got confident enough to emerge and go in the trap. I’ve either heard trap rattling (small house) and gone through or found them quite happy sitting there in the morning.

hettysdrawers Sat 08-Feb-20 07:34:22

If you think the mouse is under something, I've used the multiple cardboard box trick, arrange them on their sides around all available exits, maybe add tasty crumbs then wait an hour or so and have a peek to see if the mousie has ventured into a box, if it has, tip upright and transport outside.

NigellaAwesome Sat 08-Feb-20 19:51:58

I don't know what is happening on the mouse front. I haven't seen any body parts, but nor have I heard any action.

I have left a corner of chocolate at the entrance of the humane trap to lure it in, but it has been untouched since last night.

We are going to have to pull out the sofa and the sewing machines tomorrow to investigate. I have a friend's DD feeding cat in a week's time, so definitely have to have the mouse situation sorted by then.

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