Name help for kitten?

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ihearttc Mon 03-Feb-20 16:04:48

We went to a rescue at the weekend with the intention of getting an older cat and have actually ended up with a 12 week old kitten who was found abandoned in a cardboard box with 5 other kittens about 30 minutes before we arrived...honestly talk about fate!!

He has obviously been well cared for up until this point as he’s in good condition and very used to being handled. We had to have our beloved cat who was nearly 19 PTS before Christmas so we were waiting for the right cat to come along...and he has!

We can’t agree on a name for him though. DH and both boys want to call him Bob. I’m not against Bob as such but I don’t think he looks like a Bob. I want an actual name rather than a random name if that makes sense? Oh and hopefully the picture will have he is with his brothers/sisters!

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Plump82 Mon 03-Feb-20 16:57:16

He REALLY looks like a Bob!

TwoHeadedYellowBelliedHoleDig Mon 03-Feb-20 17:06:11

He looks a bit too clever for Bob. Horatio? Malcolm? Anthony?

MamasAndPapas Mon 03-Feb-20 17:09:40


shockthemonkey Mon 03-Feb-20 17:12:59

Eric or Keith

ihearttc Mon 03-Feb-20 17:26:21

I love Eric!!

Isn’t it funny...3 other people in real life have said he looks like a Bob but I just can’t see it!

I actually really wanted to call him Murphy but that got a resounding No!!

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shockthemonkey Mon 03-Feb-20 17:39:48

Too cool that's the first time someone liked my name suggestion!

Standrewsschool Mon 03-Feb-20 17:44:49

Boxer (‘cause found in a box)

Yiayoula Mon 03-Feb-20 17:47:02

Bilbo ?

funmummy48 Mon 03-Feb-20 17:48:18

He looks like a Sparky to idea where that came from. It just popped into my head when I saw him! 😳

ihearttc Mon 03-Feb-20 17:49:37

Oh I like Monty as well!!

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Gingaaarghpussy Mon 03-Feb-20 17:49:38


needadvicethankyouplease Mon 03-Feb-20 17:50:44

I thought of Bilbo too.

ihearttc Mon 03-Feb-20 17:51:26

Oh and Ralph!!

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cowboy Mon 03-Feb-20 18:47:28

I think he's a Boris.

GenuineKlatchianPottery Mon 03-Feb-20 18:52:08

My last tuxedo who is now living with DD1 and her boyfriend is Schroedinger (fits with him being found in a box)

Wereallsquare Mon 03-Feb-20 19:26:40


Want2beme Mon 03-Feb-20 19:45:16

Gorgeous boy. Mac or Bertie.

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Mon 03-Feb-20 20:10:21

Sorry OP - I'm convinced he looks like a Bob. wink

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 03-Feb-20 20:27:44

Bertie? All the small pets at our vets were called Bertie including mine.

Bertram when he’s in trouble.

Ellmau Mon 03-Feb-20 20:33:47

Robert ;)


Disey72 Tue 04-Feb-20 11:40:07


Toddlerteaplease Tue 04-Feb-20 11:42:37


norealshepherds Tue 04-Feb-20 11:43:37

He looks like a Christopher

thirdtimeluckythen Tue 04-Feb-20 11:46:09


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