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Nibbly kitten? Any advice?

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Ihatesandwiches Tue 21-Jan-20 18:35:44

Rescue kitten. 3 months old. Been with us a month. Her mum was feral so spayed and released.
She is adorable, very affectionate, has settled in very well, but is a bit bitey..
She doesn't ever break the skin. She seems to think she's playing. I usually stop playing and give her a toy to play with. The kids don't - and then moan that the kitten was, well, nibbly!
I've always had rescue cats (most of them just glad of regular food and litter changes) but this is my first ever kitten! All ideas welcome, thank you!

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Checkmeowt Tue 21-Jan-20 20:33:13

They are just like that, my two 8 month old kittens are like that now especially in the mornings when they like to bite my ankles ouch! I think they are just playing but i think they will grow out of it.

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