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Like Applaws but lower calorie?

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FlyingFlamingo Fri 10-Jan-20 12:43:26

To quote a recent thread my cat has just been diagnosed as a hefty chonk by the vet blush

She’s 5.6kg and does have a bit of a wobble when she runs. She’s on daily gabapentin which probably doesn’t help. She’s mainly an indoor cat, I let her out when I’m in the house but she just plods around the garden, sits on next doors shed roof for a bit and comes back in.

We have 2 cats - the other one is smaller in stature but is developing a bit of a tum, she’s a starver though and regularly finishes the bigger ones food. She’s even less keen on outside at this time of year!

They currently eat half a cup of Applaws dry daily between them, and wet food twice a day - half a sachet each of Applaws or Blink. The hefty chonk isn’t so keen on the wet.

Is there a dry food similar to Applaws that has less calories? I don’t want to change to anything with wheat in it, I would like an equivalent quality. I know I could just reduce the amount but I think the little one will not be impressed grin

The vet commented on her lovely coat at least grin <proud>

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FlyingFlamingo Fri 10-Jan-20 13:12:43

Not quite ‘Oh Lawd he coming’ I hope?

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