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Cat psychoanalysis - fighting

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LongBlobson Thu 09-Jan-20 08:11:07

What do you make of this scenario?

Our cat is a young neutered male. Our neighbours about 5 doors down also have a young neutered male. The two cats fight if they cross paths and we've had a few vets bills from infected wounds, so we are trying to keep them apart as much as possible.

The neighbours' cat roams quite far down the street past our house, and he goes out the front and into the gardens across the street too.

Our cat tends to sit on our compost heap a lot! He will go one or two gardens either way, sometimes further, but only out the back. He is usually close by as he appears very quickly when we call him in.

Neighbours' cat will come in our garden most days. If our cat is in, the neighbours' cat often sits on our patio and stares in the kitchen door. He sits calmly and quietly while our cat goes absolutely bonkers howling and trying to get at him. He will stay there for ages until we go out and chase him off.

If they cross paths outdoors, the neighbours' cat again just sits there calmly, while our cat loses the plot. Tail fluffed up, ears back, yowling as loud as he can, right up in this other cat's face! The other cat will fight back at some point and as far as we can tell usually comes off better.

What's going on?

Is our cat a terrible bully? He seems to be the one starting the fights! The other cat seems totally chilled so if ours would back off they could share (ha!) the territory.

Or, is their cat with the big territory the dominant one, and he's winding our cat up?

Or something else we haven't thought of?

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Vinorosso74 Thu 09-Jan-20 08:22:58

I have no idea! We also have a neutered male who is good at starting fights especially with one particular cat. If he sees other cats his tail triples in size!
Despite his hatred towards other cats there is one possibly unneutered male who comes to visit ours often late at night and he isn't bothered by him. No puffed up tails and they look at each other through the door. They were on the back wall together at the weekend without hissing or fighting. That said ours gave the other a slap as he went past him.

lljkk Thu 09-Jan-20 08:40:50

If you think of fighting as standard normal first option, then it's astonishing how little they fight.

Chocolatecake12 Thu 09-Jan-20 08:44:22

I have no idea but I also have a neutered male 3 yr old who I’m taking to the vet this morning because he has a swollen lump at the top of his leg, maybe because of a fight. He gets on perfectly ok with the elderly male cat next door. Not sure about any others. Aren’t they a worry one way or another?

Want2beme Thu 09-Jan-20 16:15:45

Cats are extremely territorial, but for some reason they can be more or less tolerant of others - it's just weird! One of mine hates another one of mine and they have to be kept separate in the house a a right pain. She hates all other cats as well, and runs them out of her garden, but the latest stray I've taken in has won her over, thank goodness, and she at least tolerates him

I thought that all cats go out of their way to avoid other neighbourhood cats, even to the point of having a "cat timetable/schedule"grin. I think the visiting cat just might be enjoying himself at your cats expense!

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