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Cat keeps peeing in corner!!!

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moonway Wed 08-Jan-20 12:48:46

I'm losing my mind, one of my cats will not stop peeing in the corner! She has no problem using the litter tray to poo or even sometimes pee. We moved house 10 months ago and at first I put it down to that, so moved one litter tray to the spot where she kept peeing and then after a while moved it back (the corner is the back for so couldn't keep it in the spot) this seemed to work for a couple of months anyway but she's now started to use the corner again. My cats are house cats but she was a rescue so I'm unsure if she used to go outdoors or not. Has anything worked for anyone?? I've cleaned it up with every product possible, used lemon but nothing has deterred her

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moonway Wed 08-Jan-20 12:50:04

Sorry should say *the corner is at the back door

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Fluffycloudland77 Wed 08-Jan-20 13:32:02

Have you taken a urine sample to the vet? When my cat was doing this it was a uti & appeared otherwise well.

EmeraldIsle81 Wed 08-Jan-20 13:39:01

She's wanting to go outside to pee, hence hanging around the back door wanting out to do it. If you watch her going there be quick to let her out otherwise she won't be able to hold it and will pee in the corner

moonway Wed 08-Jan-20 13:44:55

Yeah, we did take her to the vet and there isn't anything medically wrong with her.
She's an indoor cat, has never gone out the back door, as I say she is a rescue and I'm not sure if she had been outside previous to us having her but for the 3 years we have had her she's not been outside

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EmeraldIsle81 Wed 08-Jan-20 13:54:45

Maybe she wants to go outside? Open the door and see what she does, she might just be curious about it. She won't run off will just probably sit on the doorstep, then go for a pee, decide it's cold and come back inside

moonway Wed 08-Jan-20 14:45:47

My only issue would be my other cats, I've had them from kittens and they definitely have never been outside, would it be cruel to let one cat out and not the others?

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unbaffled Wed 08-Jan-20 14:50:56

It would only be cruel if they really want to go outside and you prevent them. Is there a reason why you have kept them as house cats?

slashlover Wed 08-Jan-20 14:58:30

Could you try taking her out on a harness and lead for a little while?

Is she fixed?

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 08-Jan-20 15:13:33

Which litter does she use? The bbc did a program on animal behaviourists with a cat weeing on the duvet. They gave him a 50ltr storage box for a tray & a thick layer of fine grained ultra clumping litter and he stopped doing it.

His owner was using wood pellets which must be like treading on Lego bricks for them.

Want2beme Wed 08-Jan-20 15:29:35

One of my cats does this. She decides where she wants to pee and if you don't like it, that's just tough. I basically have to put the litter tray where she wants it - she won't change, believe me, I've tried. This is one of the reasons why I don't have carpets and currently have her litter tray in my living roomhmm.
Sometimes peeing in one particular place can become a habit.

What Fluffycloudland77 says is correct for some cats. Have you tried spraying vinegar in the place she likes to pee?

moonway Wed 08-Jan-20 16:53:30

I keep them as house cats because I wanted to keep them safe (regarding all the horror stories you read) and they never showed an interest in being outdoors. I have taken her on a lead but not recently actually, that will definitely be something to explore. I've tried many different litters in the time I've had her and the favourite is a ultra clumping fine litter which we've used for some time now. And I've just put down vinegar today

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