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Worried my cats won’t settle

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Thefaceofboe Thu 19-Dec-19 15:39:37

The cats are booked into a Cattery over Christmas and I enquired about the lay out of the pens as I was worried other cats would upset my kittens. They told me the pens were next to each other which is normal for catterys but it wouldn’t be a problem but after looking at some pictures online the pens are only separated by wire. Is this normal? surely no cats would like this. I’m now worried I will end up picking them up early sad

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Toddlerteaplease Thu 19-Dec-19 16:01:45

There is probably a plastic barrier that goes halfway up. They'll be fine.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 19-Dec-19 16:30:51

There should be a plastic sneeze guard.

BovaryX Thu 19-Dec-19 17:07:08

Did you visit the cattery to check it out? Have they stayed there before? Can you change your mind?

FlashingFedora Thu 19-Dec-19 17:12:15

I think that's a very bad design, they shouldn't be able to see their neighbours imo, I work in a vets and our kennels are designed to ensure cats can't see each other.

KittyMarmalade Thu 19-Dec-19 17:26:02

Agree with Fedora. That's an incredibly stressful environment for a cat.

BovaryX Thu 19-Dec-19 17:31:24

Also agree with Fedora

It looks like it has been designed by someone who doesn’t know a lot about cats. That doesn’t bode well for other aspects of their stay. Have you paid? Can you find an alternative? You are clearly worried which is why you have posted. Listen to your instincts

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 19-Dec-19 17:44:02

All the catteries I’ve used they’ve been able to see each other, the one I visited and had distressed cats had brick dividers. It was awful and I can’t believe they were council approved.

The cats in the next pen always used to potter out to see the new cat when I took mine in “hello, my names mittens” my cat “hiss growl sod off”.

itshappened Thu 19-Dec-19 19:30:55

Could you arrange for someone to come to your home to feed the cats instead? I always do that as I think it's much less traumatic for them. I don't allow them to go outside if we are away, but at least be in a familiar environment.

viccat Thu 19-Dec-19 21:21:31

It's normal and should have a sneeze guard as others have said.

Catteries tend to be fine for cats who are reasonably confident and ok with other cats. More nervous cats and those who actively dislike other cats do much, much better with a cat sitter visiting once a day at home.

Thefaceofboe Thu 19-Dec-19 23:13:29

Hi all. They are due to go to the Cattery tomorrow. We are visiting my parents for Christmas and they have a dog which hates cats so need an alternative. I haven’t visited the Cattery itself but my parents use the kennels at the same place and said it’s fab so I didn’t hesitate in booking them in. I spoke to them on the phone etc and it all sounded fine but after seeing that picture I’m unsure confused

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