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Kittens have fleas! Do I need to cancel my party?

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Falcon1 Tue 10-Dec-19 12:18:24

Just seen two fleas on one kitten and even had one crawling up my arm. Yuk! Have called the vet to sort treatment, but my query is, will the fleas be everywhere? And therefore should I cancel the party I have planned on Thursday?

Not had this problem before, so advice appreciated!

Thank you.

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viccat Tue 10-Dec-19 12:52:30

You have time to use Indorex household spray between now and Thursday, that should get most if not all of them. I wouldn't cancel your party, as realistically almost any home with pets (and some without) can potentially have fleas or flea eggs people could pick up on their clothes.

I would keep the kittens in one room well away from the guests anyway to prevent stress and escape risks.

Falcon1 Tue 10-Dec-19 13:24:22

Thanks Viccat. The Indorex spray - where do you spray it? Just carpets and soft furnishings?

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viccat Tue 10-Dec-19 13:29:08

Pretty much everywhere but especially anything soft that can't be washed (sofas, carpets, rugs etc.).

Obviously with kittens (and humans and other pets) kept well away from the rooms being treated.

steppemum Tue 10-Dec-19 13:32:07

Indorex is expensive but well worth it.
You can spray anything, you need to spray where the kittens have been. Carpet and sofas. You are not supposed to spray bedding, so, put kittens in kitchen, strip the beds, spray the house, then wash bedding at 60 degrees.
meantime treat the kittens.
Then once everythign is treated, you csn let kittens out (you must keep them out of the sprayed rooms for a while anyway.

The spray should kill adults and eggs and larvae. The tin says it last for 12 months, it doesn't really, but if you treat the kittens regularly, you shouldn't need to re-spray very often.

When you changethe beds, you shoudl wash the kittens bedding too if they have a bed /basket. If it can't go in the wash, then spray it.

Falcon1 Tue 10-Dec-19 13:41:31

Thanks for the info Steppemum! Really helpful.

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steppemum Tue 10-Dec-19 15:03:08

one last thing!

hoover first, the vibrations cause the fleas to come to the surface.
Then spray
Hoover afterwards to hoover up any dead ones. Empty the bag into a carrier bag and tie it and put it in outside bin (in case any are alive)

But all cats get fleas occasionally, it isn't a big deal, so don't stress/cancel party etc.

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