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Has anyone had any problems with Applaws kitten food.

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chocolatespiders Mon 09-Dec-19 23:51:51

Mother and kitten are both on this food. Mum fine but kitten has really runny poo. I am wondering if it is the food.

Can you suggest an alternative grain free dry food.
They have natures menu wet food.


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Amiable Mon 09-Dec-19 23:56:33

Lily's Kitchen? Disclaimer,
I work for them, but it really is great!

Boristhecats Wed 11-Dec-19 17:29:07

I use Lily’s kitchen. It’s the only dry food he will eat

chocolatespiders Wed 11-Dec-19 18:45:14

Thankyou I will try that one. Funny tummy has now stopped so it may have been the chicken and cheese treat he ate. Remember trying lily's kitchen for my old cat when she was 20 and food was making her sick.

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