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The neediest cat in the world..

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whatalovelytub Mon 09-Dec-19 09:21:06

2 gorgeous kittens came to live with us around 4 years ago- brother and sister from same litter.

Boy was cross eyed, a bit anti social and spent a lot of time in the garden in protector mode. Girl is pretty, sociable and made friends with all our neighbours. He was the boss in our house and would monitor her behaviour with the odd nip, but they complemented each other well and cuddled up together most nights to sleep.

Fast forward to this summer, boy cat dies. Girl is now the most clingy cat I have EVER seen. She will follow me everywhere to try and sit on me. I keep inadvertently stepping on her and this honestly lasts all day every day (she is never left alone- I work from home and we have a toddler so there is always someone available to her). If I kneel on the floor to put DS shoes on for example, she will try and sit on my 'lap' and yowl when I stand up.

I've had awful thoughts about giving her away. Anyone have any tips to help her? I don't think she's depressed as such, always has her tail up, eating and grooming well, and will curl over and purr as soon as there's a human in sight! Oh and now obsessed with food and getting quite portly.

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YetAnotherSpartacus Mon 09-Dec-19 09:48:17

She wants a kitten, obviously. Not her own, but a new arrival to be friends with. I’m a bit sad that you’d think about giving away a kitty who just wants love.

whatalovelytub Mon 09-Dec-19 10:12:04

You're so right. It was my first instinct (to get another cat) but I worried about choosing the wrong one and it making her even more miserable.

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Toddlerteaplease Mon 09-Dec-19 11:10:00

Could you be pregnant again? My colleagues cat has turned into her shadow since getting pregnant.

YetAnotherSpartacus Mon 09-Dec-19 11:20:19

There will be plenty of people here with more wisdom than me, but one option is to foster a cat-friendly kitty and see if s/he 'takes', always knowing that you have the option to give them a forever home if the answer is 'no'. You could try this a couple of times if needed. My feeling though is that kitty is lonely.

Toddlerteaplease Mon 09-Dec-19 11:44:05

Magic went very clingy after her sister died. As soon as I put cheddar down in her carrier I saw Magic visibly relax.

overnightangel Tue 10-Dec-19 08:28:50

I think a companion is definitely what she needs

whatalovelytub Tue 10-Dec-19 19:14:25

Thanks all. I have signed up with Battersea so fingers crossed 👍🏻

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overnightangel Wed 11-Dec-19 23:59:28

Good luck @whatalovelytub😊

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