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Is acquiring another cat really the only way to get over a loss?

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cozietoesie Sat 23-Nov-19 22:19:22

Because that's my experience.........

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Toddlerteaplease Sat 23-Nov-19 23:02:46

And mine when I lost Maia. I wasn't going to get one so soon. But Cheddar was in the rescue and when I visited her, I knew she would be perfect for my remaining cat. She came home 10
Days after Maia was put to sleep. And she's been wonderful. Magic has blossomed.

Celticdawn5 Sat 23-Nov-19 23:08:34

I think it does help although took me 18 months to get two more cats.

hettysdrawers Sat 23-Nov-19 23:18:17

Definitely did help once a month or so had passed, although we were really unsure we wouldn't feel horribly guilty. It was just too weird having one and our remaining cat was really lonely and clingy by herself. Worked out for the best.

Vinorosso74 Sat 23-Nov-19 23:23:06

@cozietoesie not seen you on here in a while. Hope all is ok?
In answer to the question we lost our lovely old girl in November 2017. We adopted our hooligan in January 2018. It possibly was a bit soon but volunteering at CP and DD was doing her socialising with the cats thing and she fell in love with him (as did I). He filled the car shaped hole in our home and know DP feels less out numbered.
I don't think moving a new cat in the next day is wise but there are always cats in shelters needing a home and love. They can certainly help heal the sadness.

Toddlerteaplease Sat 23-Nov-19 23:38:52

I gave myself a stern talking too before visiting Cheddar, that if I didn't think she was right for Magic then I'd walk away.

MissLadyM Sat 23-Nov-19 23:46:55

When I list my beautiful boy of 12 years I was devastated. I didn't rush into anything but after about 6 months I needed kitty so adopted two kittens. Allow yourself to grieve. But I think that once you've had cats, you always will x

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 24-Nov-19 08:24:54

I can’t yet, not until I’ve cat proofed & bought a huge indoor cat tower, had dh made an out door activity centre & interviewed all TICA approved Bengal breeders in a 100 mile radius.

I want my boy back not another cat.

TroysMammy Sun 24-Nov-19 18:08:32

It took me just over 3 years from when Troy died aged 5 to letting Haribo fill the cat shaped hole in my life. I really hope he'll live until he's an old puss cat as I couldn't go through Troy's illness again.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Sun 24-Nov-19 18:51:20

When William died my Mum said she was never having another cat but 4 days later we were bringing George home from Battersea as she couldn't stand the cat shaped hole.

She felt guilty but I told her to think of giving another cat the same chance that William had and to do it in his memory.

cozietoesie Mon 25-Nov-19 21:23:57

Not possible, Fluffy. He's gone.

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Fluffycloudland77 Mon 25-Nov-19 21:29:36

I know. This is the longest I haven’t been with him in 10 years.

My poor boy.

RonniePasas Mon 25-Nov-19 21:37:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cozietoesie Mon 25-Nov-19 21:53:38

I like to think of ASBO in a clearing on the edge of the Elysian Fields. He's bringing a prey-piece to Seniorboy (who may or may not accept it.)

Have you still got the photo of him?

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Fluffycloudland77 Mon 25-Nov-19 21:58:33

Loads, and yet not enough.

I’m hoping he’s got the ginger longhair he was friends with & the little black cat that he idolised. They went everywhere in a little caravan, Asbo at the back learning that you don’t go in as soon as she calls you.

The little black cat was actually massive. He had a look in his eyes that said nothing could surprise him.

cozietoesie Mon 25-Nov-19 22:05:27

I'm sure he

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AnnaMagnani Mon 25-Nov-19 22:08:18

It was about a week after Tabby Cat had gone that I felt only having one cat was unbearable. We were straight down the rescue centre reserving kittens.

This was inspired by our neighbour who runs her dogs on a rotation system so she is never down to zero dogs as she couldn't bear it - when one goes, 1 or 2 more arrive.

It's proved to be an excellent idea, especially as we then lost one of the young cats - but we still had 2 amazing cats.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 25-Nov-19 22:12:58

Can you imagine Senior boy fraternising with such a new breed as a Bengal? With only 40 odd years breeding?.

He’d try to be modern about it.

Yes, I still have the photo with the toilet roll, I didn’t get what you meant at first.

Toddlerteaplease Mon 25-Nov-19 22:38:23

No doubt Fatty will be there bossing them around. She was very bossy!brewwinecakethanks to everyone.

Vinorosso74 Tue 26-Nov-19 08:20:36

Fluffy I'm sorry as I didn't realise you'd lost your boy flowers
I'm not religious but it is quite an image of all TLT cats altogether. I imagine the late Vinocat calmly sitting there watching all the shenanigans giving cats creating any nonsense "the look" and pretending not to see any cats she didn't want a fight with.

chemenger Tue 26-Nov-19 08:34:48

We lost two cats within weeks of each other. Couldn’t face that again so now I foster for Cat Protection. Fosterers are always needed and it is so rewarding, especially when they go through a transformation from frightened and wary to adoptable. I would recommend it to anyone with a cat shaped hole in their home.

cozietoesie Tue 26-Nov-19 13:58:30

Thanks,* chemenger.*

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Ilovemypantry Thu 28-Nov-19 23:03:05

Sorry to all those that have loved and lost 💔. I was devasted when my boy Bodie passed away suddenly in his sleep aged 9 and couldn’t stop crying for weeks. I decided that getting another cat was the only way I was going to fill the void, but it was in no way to replace him. I too felt guilty but each cat is different and special in their own way, one doesn’t replace another.

YetAnotherSpartacus Fri 29-Nov-19 11:22:20

Cosie! Lovely to see you.

How are you?

I still miss those LT Cats who I remember and am bawling over Asbo sad

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