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Cat always hungry- what should be feeding him?

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jobnockey Wed 30-Oct-19 11:07:02


The cat’s been living with us for just over a week and has settled in really well, he’s a gorgeous softy and we all love him already!

However, he’s obsessed with food. Always acts hungry even when he’s just eaten. It’s really hard to ignore him although I don’t want him to get fat so trying to be careful not to over feed. He’s currently getting 1 pouch of sheba in the morning, a portion of dry food when DS gets in from school (applaws/ whiskas – weaning him off the whiskas at the moment) and a can of applaws in the evening, plus a few dreamies here and there. Looking at the various feeding guides on the tins/packets but I can’t work out if I’m giving him too much/too little!

As per shelter’s instructions we’re keeping him in for the first few weeks so he’s not getting loads of exercise.

Nothing has upset his stomach yet including the contents of the kitchen waste bin he managed to get into (gross), or the butter he snaffled from the butter dish, or the ham he stole whilst my back was turned… (We’ve had to quickly learn how to cat-proof the kitchen!)

Any advice? What do other people feed their cats and how much? I don’t mind spending a little bit on healthier food but looking on zooplus there’s so much choice I don’t know what to do for the best. Arden Grange dry food seems to be good value but I’ve never heard of it before… any thoughts?

We’ve got a vet appointment next week so I guess I can ask there but would value other cat owner’s advice too…

He's 4 years old and medium sized, about 4.5 kg I think…

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BovaryX Wed 30-Oct-19 11:16:46

This is just a suggestion, but if he’s a rescue from a shelter, it’s possible that at some point he didn’t have enough food and has consequently become fixated on food. I had this with both my rescues, one of whom had been abandoned to starve by his previous owners. He was wolfing down three weeks r four tins of Sheba per day for a couple of months but he grew out of it once he realized that he would always be regularly fed. I would recommend a can of tuna and some dry food through the day. Consistency will help and hopefully he will grow out of food anxiety as he becomes more confident.

Darksideofthemoon19 Wed 30-Oct-19 11:16:56


Kitten currently on half a pouch in the morning, lunch, dinner and tea and 80g dry food left out. But she’s always hungry! But when I put more out she doesn’t eat it

jobnockey Wed 30-Oct-19 12:26:15

I wondered this too, we don’t know much about his background.... he came from a home but we don’t know where they got him from. He wasn’t neutered or microchipped... it a certainly feasible that he’s been hungry before. He could just be really greedy I suppose!

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princessTiasmum Wed 30-Oct-19 16:30:50

Do you know how ol;d he is,? he could possibly have hypothyroidism, my cat is doing the same, even when it's not long since she has eaten,
Ony asking this because my daughters cat was loike thisand has a thyroid probem, I am going to take mine for a checkup soon, her cat is about 12 he was a rescue too] and mine is 10,it'smainly older cats that suffer with this,but as said earlier, he possibly isn't used to much food, if so he will probably calm down before log

princessTiasmum Wed 30-Oct-19 16:31:57

Sorry,just seen how old he is

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