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Anyone have the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect with Hub Bundle

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Lifebi Wed 30-Oct-19 08:42:51

It sends messages to your phone app via a hub telling you when your cat has entered or left the house.
We've just got a cat and trying to decide whether to get this or the non app one which is half the price.
We're not in the house for 7 or 8 weeks of the year so I guess it would be reassuring to know his comings and goings.
Anyone used it?

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BIWitch Wed 30-Oct-19 08:44:34


... I think it would drive you mad!

TBH we're having enough trouble trying to get our cats to use our new microchip-controlled flap, so I know there won't be any in/out while we're not there as they won't use the bloody thing without being placed fairly forcefully next to it!

If it's twice the price I certainly wouldn't bother.

Lifebi Wed 30-Oct-19 14:55:17

ha thanks BIWitch.
Anyone else purchase one of these?

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ExpletiveDEVILighted Wed 30-Oct-19 15:13:47

Are you able to change its settings remotely, eg to lock it overnight?

ExpletiveDEVILighted Wed 30-Oct-19 15:14:42

We've got the ordinary microchip one and there are times when we've gone to work and realises we didn't unlock it that morning so we get home to cross cats.

Lifebi Wed 30-Oct-19 15:36:44

Reads your cat's microchip to keep intruder animals out
Monitor your cat's activity and notice changes in behaviour
Receive notifications when your Cat enters or leaves the house
Lock/unlock the Cat flap remotely and set curfew times

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ExpletiveDEVILighted Wed 30-Oct-19 21:07:56

It sounds like a fairly small improvement for a lot more money.

Lifebi Sat 02-Nov-19 22:08:34

Any one else bought this?

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MrsJamin Sat 02-Nov-19 22:21:45

We have the one without the app. I'm not sure what extra benefits you'd have with the app, apart from knowing if your cats go awol. It's certainly a very good purchase, being able to prevent other cats getting in has saved their sanity.

LizB62A Sat 02-Nov-19 22:27:05

I've got a microchipped controlled one without the app.
Whenever I end up replacing it, I'll get one that allows me to set the opening times as I like my cats to stay in overnight.
Like a PP, I don't always remember to set it back to "in and out" after setting it to "in only" when I go to bed, if they haven't come in by then

EskSmith Sat 02-Nov-19 22:34:07

I have it with the app and I love it, although I am a slightly neurotic cat owner.
I can set curfew times (she's not allowed out over night) I like to see she's happily coming and going when I'm not there. When we go away next door come it to feed her and it's reassuring to see she's still happily coming and going.
If she's going to the vet I can remotely lock the catflap - then she's in waiting for me when I get home rather than me desperately searching for her.
Same tonight I locked it at dusk so she wasn't out with the fireworks.

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