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THAT time of year again...

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Allergictoironing Sun 27-Oct-19 16:55:21

Just a quick reminder that firework season is upon us again - they started round here last night at about 7pm & went on in patches until 11pm.

My pair have got remarkable used to the noise and are un-phased by them now, but for some it could be time for the Feliway diffuser to go back on, and check the Zylkene capsules are topped up. Outdoor cats should be kept in at night, both in case of them getting scared & then lost, and because of shitty little bastards that think attaching fireworks to cats is funny angry.

I will just be ensuring my princess Girlcat has a comfy cushion on the windowsill for her watching perch! grin

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LemonRedwood Sun 27-Oct-19 17:00:27

His Highness used to be completely unbothered but has got more jittery as he's got older. First bang and he's straight on my lap when he doesn't tend to sit on my lap usually. Thinking about investing in some Feliway this year as we are conveniently located between two big displays.

NotMyCat is NotBothered (made sure to let next door know she was here, having been granted access through the microchip cat flap by His Highness)

LemonRedwood Sun 27-Oct-19 18:23:28

We've had a few start this evening now. I'm curled up under a blanket that I've only just finished making so His Highness has to make do with a cushion on my feet/shins!

NotMyCat still Not Bothered.

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