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Shit - fleas

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Diplobrat Sat 26-Oct-19 18:37:20

I realised last Friday that my cat has fleas (I think his advocate was not completely effective as he has got heavier since the vet last saw him). I immediately treated him with the higher dose of advocate and have been hoovering and indorexing the house like mad for the last week. I am also washing everything I can as hot as I can.

I think it is working but I am still catching c. 1 flea a day in warm water traps all over my flat. I am also finding flea dirt in the cat's fur.

Does anyone know from experience how long I should expect it to take before I stop seeing them? The whole thing is making me feel a bit paranoid and itchy.

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HeatedDryer Sat 26-Oct-19 19:10:47

You will most likely still see fleas for a couple of weeks as the spray does not kill them in their chrysalis stage. They hatch when they sense heat and movement and jump on to an animal, or you! You need to keep spraying and hoovering for a few weeks, concentrate on the gaps between carpets and walls, also seams in sofas etc. They will die eventually! Little bastards.

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