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I think we are in trouble here...

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Sparklingbrook Thu 17-Oct-19 18:28:02

Not sure what I want from this but opinions are welcome.

Sparklingcat is about 13/14, we don't know for sure but not far off. She has had an overactive thyroid for 2 years that is controlled with meds, also she is on meds for her kidneys. But everything was stable.

Last week she started with a limp (front leg), she was weight bearing and the vet said possibly a scuffle in the garden, pulled something maybe.
Limp gets worse over the weekend and yesterday she had an Xray (there was talk of possible arthiritis or tumours) which was inconclusive other than her elbows are that of an old cat. No fractures etc. Discharged with Gapapentin and Metacam last night. She was given long lasting antibiotics and painkillers by injection before she left.
There is absolutely no change, she is now not weight bearing on that leg and is just sleeping. She doesn't want cuddles and is sleeping in odd places.
We are due back at the vets Saturday morning. There is talk of MRI scans and starting on steroids.
I have no clue what we are dealing with but given her age, her other conditions and her not being herself what would you do?


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LikeSilentRaindrops Thu 17-Oct-19 18:35:17

I would be a bit worried that she’s started sleeping in odd spaces, as that’s always been a hallmark of ‘something’ going on with one of our cats - particularly if they’re out of the way.

That being said, keep an open mind and have the tests done, it may be something very treatable. You know your cat best and you will know if she wants to keep fighting flowers

Sparklingbrook Thu 17-Oct-19 18:39:28

Yes, that's true. So far it's been behind the TV/curtains etc. Out of sight. She's spark out on the back of the sofa now which is more usual.
I pinned my hopes on the Xray telling all but no.
If you saw her walk you would say there was something stuck in her foot now.
She's eating completely normally but making a bit of a mess because of not putting weight on the paw.

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Fluffycloudland77 Thu 17-Oct-19 20:08:59

I think I’d give it longer, given her age.

Sparklingbrook Thu 17-Oct-19 20:12:57

I don't really know what options beyond steroids there are. If she has an MRI scan will that achieve anything?
They are worried about her pain the most and not being able to sort it, but she's just asleep most of the time.

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TrainspottingWelsh Thu 17-Oct-19 21:34:04

Any possibility it was originally a tiny (practically invisible) puncture wound that has now become infected? If eg it's well above her elbow, her limping could easily stem from that, but as it could look as though it's lower down it could easily be missed on any examinations so far. Especially if the infection is internal, rather than an outwards swelling.

Sparklingbrook Thu 17-Oct-19 21:54:21

That's exactly what i originally thought Trainspotting. She went out without a limp and came back in with one, so a bite from a fight made perfect sense. Plus it wouldn't show on an xray.
But it's been a week she's been on the Metacam and having had antibiotics and painkiller injections yesterday was hoping for some improvement today.
She will let you touch her leg but she squeals if you try and pick her up.
I wish she could talk!

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tillytoodles1 Thu 17-Oct-19 22:01:35

My cat is about 16, recue so not sure. She's started to sleep in hiding places, but also spends a lot of time sleeping in the open. Should I be worried?

Sparklingbrook Thu 17-Oct-19 22:09:02

Not necessarily, especially now the weather's getting colder. If she's perfectly normal otherwise.

I think Sparklingcat just wants to be left alone because she doesn't feel right.

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TrainspottingWelsh Thu 17-Oct-19 22:19:10

If it is, the antibiotics wouldn't necessarily work that quickly anyway, and the anti inflammatory wouldn't do much for the actual infection so I wouldn't rule it out yet. If it's particularly nasty it would need a course rather than just an injection. The old man used to frequently require post fight veterinary attention, and an antibiotic injection wasn't always enough, but his wounds were always obvious and easy to monitor.

Not on a cat, but a horse, there was a puncture wound on the inside hind, inches above the hock with the lameness appearing to be lower limb. It wasn't noticed for ages, because it was the site of an old scar, it was only when the scar changed shape slightly with the underlying abscess it came to light. Even then the vet took some convincing the owner wasn't unhinged. It had plenty of drugs for the original injury that they suspected were causing the lameness, so nobody suspected any infection. Iirc because it had gone so deep by then it took more than a dose of antibiotics to clear. I think it was minor surgery and quite a lot of drugs. Wasn't mine but I do remember it made a quick recovery to full health. And as reassurance that was about 6/8 weeks after the original puncture, so I'm not suggesting yours would need surgery even if it is the same problem.

Yes, it would be so much easier if they could tell us. Or if we could put them on a diagnostics machine like a car.

Sparklingbrook Thu 17-Oct-19 22:34:45

It's all so confusing. It came on so suddenly I find it hard to believe it's anything like wear and tear . She was at the vets all day yesterday and had a GA for the XRay so ample opportunity for them to have a really good look.
I have to trust them because I can't prove anything. I would be thrilled if she perked up a bit by tomorrow.

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TrainspottingWelsh Thu 17-Oct-19 22:36:43

Fingers crossed she does

DramaAlpaca Thu 17-Oct-19 22:39:39

Sorry to hear Sparklingcat isn't well. Hope she perks up overnight flowers

Sparklingbrook Thu 17-Oct-19 22:45:35

Thank you. I am trying to stay positive yet realistic.

She's gone to sleep behind the curtains, and has had all of her medicine today. She has a choice of litter trays to use so I might head off to bed.

See what tomorrow brings.

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Sparklingbrook Fri 18-Oct-19 07:29:44

Nothing seems to have changed. She's still hobbling about and not putting her foot down.
Her appetitie is as good as ever and she's washing herself.

She wants to go out but that's not happening. She's sat at the back door staring at the squirrels.

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HippyChickMama Fri 18-Oct-19 07:36:13

I'm sure it's been done but have you or the vet checked her paw thoroughly? Could be a paw injury rather than a leg injury

ThePawtriarchy Fri 18-Oct-19 07:39:14

Has she had her temperature taken? It could be an abcess as mentioned. Is she using her box / wearing? Wondering if she might have been knocked by a car?

Sparklingbrook Fri 18-Oct-19 07:45:31

Original vet ( a week ago) said her claws on the good leg were scuffed in dicating a possible knock, or a scuffle with another cat and tried to get away but that's not been mentioned since. She wasn't out very long that day and was in the back garden so don't think a car.
Temperature was slightly raised on Wednesday but nothing major.

She lets you look at her paw and touch it and I can't see anything but I am going to get them to have another look tomorrow. She really doesn't want to be picked up and usually likes a cuddle.

She is weeing and pooing normally and using her trays beautifully although the digging is a bit pitiful to see and she doesn't cover it up.

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Veterinari Fri 18-Oct-19 07:52:24

I would hold off on mri’s just now and see how she gets on.
An injury is more likely that something sinister. She’s On antibiotics and pain relief (the gabapentin May affect her sleeping patterns), so given her age, concurrent health issues and the fact that she’s on meds, i’d Be inclined to give it a week or two of conservative treatment before further investigations

Veterinari Fri 18-Oct-19 07:55:05

Original vet ( a week ago) said her claws on the good leg were scuffed in dicating a possible knock, or a scuffle with another cat and tried to get away but that's not been mentioned since. She wasn't out very long that day and was in the back garden so don't think a car.

Sorry just seen this - possibly a fall?

Scuffed claws indicate dragging - either a fall from a height or being thrown after a car accident. Either way if it’s traumatic and there are no fractures then it’s likely nerve/soft tissue injury which needs time and pain relief to heal

Veterinari Fri 18-Oct-19 07:58:53

Have they checked her nerve function? Does the foot knuckle over? Can she weightbear on it if her hind limbs are lifted?

Sparklingbrook Fri 18-Oct-19 08:07:55

They had her in for the day, so various checks were done. I would need to ask about the nerve function, they didn't mention it. Is it a simple test?
They are talking about starting her on steroids maybe. How does that fit in with everything?
I am quite nervous about tomorrow's appointment. I agree that the nerve/soft tissue injury seems more likely than anything, she went out fine and came back limping.
She's sleeping a lot which is good and isn't interested in going upstairs (although we have blocked them off to her just to make sure).

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TheSecretJeven Fri 18-Oct-19 08:10:29

Sorry to hear about your cat's injury. We had a cat years ago who stopped using one leg. It transpired after the trip to to the vet although she was carrying the leg high like she'd had an upper leg injury, she had been bitten on the paw.

sashh Fri 18-Oct-19 08:14:03

So sorry to hear this sparkling.

Is she cleaning herself? Cats who are ill often stop their usual cleaning routine.

I have steroid injections for arthritis, they are like a miracle for me so maybe they will do the same for sparklingcat.

Veterinari Fri 18-Oct-19 08:20:51

They had her in for the day, so various checks were done. I would need to ask about the nerve function, they didn't mention it. Is it a simple test?

Yes they can do a basic assessment in the consult room - it will help to differentiate whether she doesn't Want to use the leg (pain) versus she cannot use the limb(motor nerve damage)
This video shows an exam on a cat with neuro deficits in the hindlimbs - you’ll see that he knuckles on his right hind and can’t ‘hop’ on the back legs like the front legs - these are neuro signs

Your vet should be able to do similar checks in the front leg of your cat

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