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Drastic behaviour change in our girl?

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Ilovetolurk Fri 18-Oct-19 00:02:13

Honestly our rescue cat has had at least 3 homes before us. She took about three years to thaw but now she is a lovely cat. Cats are really intelligent with long memories

Or maybe your DH suddenly has the Lynx effect, who knows grin

TrainspottingWelsh Thu 17-Oct-19 23:56:40

My first thought was the same as thecat.

I've experienced it with older ferals, that have gone from a lifetime of avoiding humans (barring feeding when they'll only come in touching distance) to suddenly becoming like elderly domestic pets when they're in their last few years. And after scorning the house forever suddenly decide they'll live in it.

Although one of the current girls was originally barely an adult when she arrived as an ex colony feral, spent 2/3 years being a feral farm cat and then within weeks became a timid, but very domesticated pet. And has been for the last decade. She might as well be feral as far as strangers are concerned or going anywhere, and much of her behaviour/ instinct is feral but with us she's very affectionate and demands company.

I think some nervous cats can just take a long time to trust you enough.

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Thu 17-Oct-19 15:26:26

ImNotYourGranny has it nailed.
Getting cold = friendly cat grin.

ImNotYourGranny Thu 17-Oct-19 15:09:36

My cat gets like this as soon as it starts to get cold. All through the summer she lives under a shrub in the garden only coming in for food and to hiss at everyone. Then it gets cold and she realises that she might need us, or at least our body heat. Until the next spring when she buggers back off to her shrub again.

NeedingAdvice29 Thu 17-Oct-19 15:05:27

@thecatneuterer I’d not describe her as feral, but she definitely never used to be a people cat either. She has always been much happier in her own company and entertaining herself (unless she wants fed!), with only occasionally wanting interaction from me and DP. The kids have always been a no go for her too, however she can now regularly be found cuddled up with eldest when it’s bedtime and even plays with my youngest who she’s never liked at all before. Her changed behaviour seemed to happen overnight too, it’s not been a slow change over time which is what worries me most.

I’ll keep an eye on her and if she starts seeming poorly in any way I’ll get her back to the vet, as much as she was never an overly friendly cat I do love her to bits. She shared my nature in so many ways 😁

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thecatneuterer Thu 17-Oct-19 14:50:30

I see this happen with semi feral cats sometimes. They seem to just suddenly decide they are no longer scared of people and actually like attention. Worryingly this often seems to happen in the year or 18 months before they die (normally when old) and sometimes when younger when they've died from cancer or a similar terminal illness and always before any symptoms have been detected.

However it also happens sometimes when there is nothing wrong at all - they just decide to be friendly and that's all that's going on. So if she's had a check up then I would just be happy about it.

NeedingAdvice29 Thu 17-Oct-19 13:02:07

Had our female cat for going on four years, she’s spayed and up to date with all vaccines/flea and worming etc. Saw the vet last month for her annual check up and she’s in good health. She’s also an indoor cat - purely by her own choice. Nothing has changed homewise lately.

She’s always been quite an antisocial cat, never really liked being petted and normally spends the majority of her time hiding in empty rooms, definitely not the type of cat that comes looking for attention. She is quite playful at night once all the kids are in bed though and if we’re sat on the sofa watching tv she’ll sit next to us (but never on our laps).

The last 3/4 weeks she’s been incredibly cuddly and affectionate though. Follows me from room to room wanting petted constantly. She’s been very vocal and is now coming onto my lap for cuddles and being stroked. Now loves to be brushed where normally she’d run away from it and the second DP gets home from work she runs to greet him. She’s playing with the kids and letting them stroke her and doesn’t seem to want to be alone at all anymore.

It’s like she’s had a compete personality switch, the vet doesn’t have an explanation and she’s still eating/drinking/using the litter tray fine so he’s not worried about her. And while it’s really nice to have her suddenly so affectionate and wanting attention, I’m quite worried about it too.

Anyone had anything similar happen with their cats? She’s just a normal domestic cat, coming up on 4 years old in December. She’s been with us since she was a kitten and there’s not been any changes in her life recently either.


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