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Cat UTI - keeping in one room

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PookieDo Sat 28-Sep-19 19:38:08

Dcat is really not well and not controlling her bladder very well at all. She smells of urine as she’s got it all over herself sad. She’s had the antibiotic injection but not eaten the food with the anti inflammatory.

I have put her into a bathroom with a bed, food and litter tray - she has already pooped on the floor

She is so upset and really crying to come out. I feel really bad for her but I was thinking it was better for her to be safe in one room until she feels better? Or is this just more stressful?

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Fluffycloudland77 Sat 28-Sep-19 21:17:41

Well it sounds more stressful. Once the antibiotic kicks in she should feel more like eating.

PookieDo Sun 29-Sep-19 07:30:19

I Let her out - she hasn’t been for a week for nearly 24 hours now confused

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PookieDo Sun 29-Sep-19 07:30:25


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Fluffycloudland77 Sun 29-Sep-19 07:59:13

How long did the vet say it could take?.

AnnaMagnani Sun 29-Sep-19 11:32:09

Old lady cat was miraculously better in about 48 hours of antibiotics after I had been readying myself for her imminent death.

The last few days of the antibiotics were the worst as by that time she was fit and did not want to take them - it was a full on battle.

TBH I just gave up keeping her in one room as by that time she'd already weed everywhere and accepted that post-UTI I'd be getting the carpet cleaner in.

PookieDo Sun 29-Sep-19 12:00:59

I’m more worried now she isn’t going for a wee at all

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Fluffycloudland77 Sun 29-Sep-19 12:09:52

Ring the vets, there will be a vets nurse to advise.

PookieDo Sun 29-Sep-19 12:25:44

She’s been! Huge wee on a puppy mat in the bathroom
Bless her
Even though it was on a puppy mat the bathroom still stinks 😂

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