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Does she need an emergency vet?

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LadyGAgain Sat 21-Sep-19 17:39:41

She's 18. She's gentle and lazy and has been ours since she was teeny.
She keeps being sick (very pale beige) and her eyes look 'off'. Like the outside of her green eyes is a lot darker. She's purring (she never complains) but this doesn't seem right. I've attached a pic to try and show her eyes but she's not playing ball.
Any ideas?

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Dodie66 Sat 21-Sep-19 17:45:25

I would see a vet if I were you. Cats sometime purr when they are in pain. Is she doing much? You know what she behaves like normally. Why don’t you ring the vet for advice

LadyGAgain Sat 21-Sep-19 17:49:20

Thanks @Dodie66 . She rarely does much these days anyway - arthritic and old. She has steroid jabs for her pain and they seem to manage that well. She's not in visible pain (she is VERY VERY loud so I'd expect her to be telling me). I'll see if I can get them on the phone.

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Dodie66 Sat 21-Sep-19 18:00:30

I had my cat put to sleep in February, she was 18. The vet might just give her something to stop the sickness pic attached of my Lisa

Dodie66 Sat 21-Sep-19 18:01:59

When Lisa was dehydrated her eyes looked darker and a bit sunken. Perhaps yours is dehydrated from being sick

Vinorosso74 Sat 21-Sep-19 18:08:49

I would definitely call them and take her in. She doesn't sound right and being an old lady I wouldn't take any chances.
Paws crossed for her.

LadyGAgain Sat 21-Sep-19 18:10:26

Thank you. And sorry for your loss - Lisa looks like an awesome cat!

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TheoriginalLEM Sat 21-Sep-19 18:11:12

Purring isn't always due to contentment. It can be a symptom of discomfort and quite common seen in cats coming to the end. Although doesn't mean the end is imminent.

You can check her hydration by pulling her skin up gently but i reckon she will be dehydrated, lots cats of her age are.

Go soon to avoid higher fees for night time consults if you feel she might need attention tonight or look to see if any local vets are open tomorrow.

If her breathing is not laboured I'd be inclined to watch and wait. If she is approaching the end but comfortable you could have a vet visit you on Monday

Dodie66 Sat 21-Sep-19 19:36:43

Thank you. What is your cat called? I hope they will be ok. Let us know how you get on

atleastimhousetrained Sat 21-Sep-19 19:43:25

Oh, so sorry. Our 19 year old moseyed on “not right” but hard to put a finger on for a while. She became incontinent so we took her in and he said she had advanced kidney disease, they were in failure and probably had been for some little while. I’m afraid eyes that looked “off” were one of her symptoms.

LadyGAgain Sat 21-Sep-19 21:53:38

😞 so sorry for the sad demise of so many of our gorgeous moggies.

She's been loads perkier since I sat her next to her water bowl and opened more wet food.

Let's see. I am so grateful for your help.

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Dodie66 Sat 21-Sep-19 22:15:52

If you can keep her hydrated and she eats a bit and is not sick she might be ok. I used to have to sit with Lisa and hold her food dish under her chin so that she could eat as she couldn’t stand very well and hobbled around. Fingers crossed she will be ok. flowers

Fishcakey Sat 21-Sep-19 23:19:10

Possibly a liver issue. Please take her in just to check xx

Toddlerteaplease Sun 22-Sep-19 15:05:00

Yes. One of mine had really bad pancreatitis/triaditis. The only symptom she had was being quiet. She was jaundiced, I just couldn't see it as she's black.

Dodie66 Sun 22-Sep-19 19:17:16

LadyGAgain how is she today? Hope she is getting better

LadyGAgain Sun 22-Sep-19 23:27:21

Hi! Thanks for checking in. She's a lot happier today. Her eyes look normal again so the dehydration tip was a good one. Thank you all. I will see how she is tomorrow and any hint of anything and I'll be onto the vet.

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