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Does anyone take their cat for a walk?

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Bloodycats Mon 16-Sep-19 17:20:47

If so is there a harness and lead you would recommend?

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dementedpixie Mon 16-Sep-19 17:27:10

My cats just follow me without a harness or lead

Toddlerteaplease Mon 16-Sep-19 22:18:15

I inherited a couple of Mynwood jackets. Both Snorg and cheddar would wear the jacket with no problem, but the weren't keen on being taken for a walk. Though I doc rush it a bit. I gave up when I put Cheddar on a short lead to stop her going under the car and she almost strangled her self getting her harness off.

TheLongRider Tue 17-Sep-19 07:57:15

Mine also follow me on walks. If they see me coming home, they'll race me back to the house. They do a version of cat parkour through the neighbour's gardens, then try and look nonchalant once they reach home.

Four paws are faster than two legs

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