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Cat with swollen lip, bee sting? Allergy?

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Lovemusic33 Fri 13-Sep-19 07:31:53

My cat came home yesterday with a swollen bottom lip/mouth, possibly a sting as he likes to chase wasps and bees. He has had a swollen mouth before (years ago) and the vet gave him antihistamines and pain killers which didn’t really help, they wanted to run loads of tests but I couldn’t afford the £300+ quoted, I changed his food to wet food for a month and the swelling went.

I’m unsure if he needs to go to the vets and I’m unable to get him into a cat box by myself (single mum, no one to help), do I leave it until Monday and see if the swelling goes down? Do I try him on wet food?

He’s fine in himself, eating fine, hunting fine and happily having cuddles.

If it is a sting how long would it take to heel?

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viccat Fri 13-Sep-19 10:35:17

Bee stings in my experience swell up quickly and go down back to normal within 8-24 hours. Some cats are allergic and react badly but that also tends to happen quickly so I think you're past that point now.

Sounds like this could be something else as he's had it before for a month. If he seems ok otherwise I would probably wait until Monday... saying that, if you're at all concerned go sooner.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 13-Sep-19 11:46:04

Just a thought -
Do you put his plates in the dishwasher ? Have you changed your DW detergent?
Or washing up liquid ?

There was an episode of Vets in Practice or similar where a cat had a massive reaction, swollen lip and it turned out to be an allergy to the detergent !

DementorsKiss Fri 13-Sep-19 11:49:50

best to check it out & not give him allergy pills willy nilly but my last cat had hayfever & the vet told me to give her half a children's piriton tablet

sponkle Fri 13-Sep-19 11:54:46

My cat gets something like this on a recurring basis. It's called rodent ulcer and is most likely an allergic reaction to something or an autoimmune disorder. We deal with it by giving steroids. If it is rodent ulcer, you'll need to get it seen as the swelling can become infected and sore, then you will need antibiotics.

Lovemusic33 Fri 13-Sep-19 12:08:34

We don’t have a dish washer and haven’t changed washing up liquid but I have recently let him drink the leftover milk from my cereal bowl.

It doesn’t seem to be getting any worse but not really getting any better either. I think I will see how he is Monday as I will then be able to get my mum to pop over and help me get him in the cat box (it’s a 2 person job 🤣). I have bought him some wet food so it won’t be as rough on his mouth.

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