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New kitten

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Kittenquestions Thu 12-Sep-19 06:17:46

I have a nearly 11 week old kitten. I adore him, he’s great fun. He was supposed to sleep in my room till he was a bit bigger.
However he plays like a mad till midnight and is then up again between half 3 - 4. Usually he wakes me up by playing with my nose or trying to wrestle me!! He then tries to play with me until 6/7 then he goes off to sleep! (He’s just wrestled my phone)

Is their anything to do to try get him to sleep? I’ve tried tiring him out and things. I’d hoped to keep him with me incase he was lonely at night (he was supposed to come with a brother so he had company) or will he be okay alone at night?

I’m so tired!!

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bellinisurge Thu 12-Sep-19 06:22:29

Google Jackson Galaxy a US cat behaviourist. Mega amounts of play can help. Cats hate programmed to Hunt Catch Kill/Eat Groom Sleep. Little kitties can be all over the place getting into that but games that encourage hunting instincts are good. They love tbe plotting bit. My indoor cat has loads of opportunities to stalk and hunt "prey ". Kicker toys are brilliant for the "kill" bit. You can get kitten sized ones.

bellinisurge Thu 12-Sep-19 06:26:22

I mean "are programmed " not "hate programmed ".
Photo please, by the way smile

peoplepleaser1 Thu 12-Sep-19 06:49:03

House cats tend to be crepuscular- means they are most active just after dawn and just after dusk. So it's a common problem I'm afraid.

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