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New kittens home today

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anothertruckbook Sun 08-Sep-19 14:18:22

Our two adopted kittens are home today. I think they are doing well. They have the utility room for their safe space and it is all cosy with things to explore and climb. It is quite long, so we have been able to put their food well away from their litter trays. They have found a little spot to hide in where I can easily see them and reach them should I need to. My question is this: I don’t want to bug them too much at the moment, but I want them to see where the litter trays are. Should I lift them out of their hiding spot and show them, or shall I just wait, let them explore and hopefully they will find them when they are feeling braver?

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Smotheroffive Sun 08-Sep-19 14:21:56

I would give them cuddles!!! Use this time to make sure they have been to the litter tray, and if they came from good homes they woukd seek out somewhere away from food and bed/safe space to do their toilet.

Play with them and give them cuddles and some little food treats!

You could make some scratching noises in the litter too.

SharesinClarks Sun 08-Sep-19 14:34:07

When I had 2 kittens a few years ago I had a similar set up to you. Mine were quite shy at first but I spent time in the room with them. When I first put them in the room the first thing I did was put them in the litter tray so they knew where it was. I'd made sure it was the same litter & type of box they'd been used to. They quickly adapted & settled in.

anothertruckbook Sun 08-Sep-19 14:43:58

Thank you! I have shown them the litter tray now and had cuddles. And they are now having a real explore. 😁

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anothertruckbook Sun 08-Sep-19 14:44:26

That was meant to be a smiley face not a grimace!

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Smotheroffive Sun 08-Sep-19 14:55:45

Show us yer kittens!!!

anothertruckbook Sun 08-Sep-19 15:07:11

Coco and Tiger 😍

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Smotheroffive Sun 08-Sep-19 15:08:43

Oooo!!! Sweeeet! ❤️

TroysMammy Sun 08-Sep-19 15:25:56

They are lovely.

thecatneuterer Tue 10-Sep-19 12:20:19

bumping to knock all the cat pee threads off the front page.

brookelopez Tue 10-Sep-19 12:22:21

oh my gosh they are so cute. grin

ScreamingValenta Tue 10-Sep-19 12:22:36


anothertruckbook Tue 10-Sep-19 17:49:20

Just wanted to update to say thank you for the advice. I also moved their tray so it was in front of their little hiding place. They don’t hide there now though - only to snuggle down together to sleep. We almost had an accident last night because they were exploring the living room and there was some scratching on the rug. But the clever girl held on tight and I snuggled her over to the litter tray. I am actually irrationally proud of how well they are doing. Apparently their mum was amazing at showing them what to do in their foster home.

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