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Cat burglar!

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whatwouldnigellado Mon 02-Sep-19 11:40:34

I would like to start this by saying that whilst I’m not a cat person (wouldn’t get a pet cat) I love all animals and have no desire to scare or worse hurt an animal.

We live in a close with a lot of cats. Never been a problem other than some cat poo on the lawn (annoying but part of community living and easily sorted).

However, a new cat has been the area recently and it keeps entering my house! Over the summer, we’ve had the back doors open in the heat and several times I’ve gone into the kitchen and it’s been in there, once eating a tuna steak that was cooling before being frozen. Today (in broad day light), I found it and two other cats trying to come through the open back doors so I’m now concerned it’s leading other cats here!

Does anyone have any advice? I don’t know who owns the cat and even if I did I don’t imagine they want to keep it inside or can prevent it roaming if it’s out but I also don’t really want to keep getting fright of my life by there being an unexpected cat in my kitchen!
Are there any safe/non scary ways to give a cat a message it and it’s friends are not welcome?

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Grambler Mon 02-Sep-19 11:50:32

Does it look like this?

Does it have a collar?
You can get motion sensor water sprinkler attachments for a hose pipe, and/or a high frequency noise emitter - although the noise things can be hit and miss with you hearing them and the cat not caring.

WildCherryBlossom Mon 02-Sep-19 11:53:32

One of my cats saunters in and out of neighbours' houses. Most don't mind (I think some actively encourage!) but one is allergic and asked my advice. I suggested a water pistol as a deterrent. Won't hurt, will just spook slightly.

GenuineKlatchianPottery Mon 02-Sep-19 11:55:55

Try a water spray if you see it in or around your property?
My cat started jumping on the worktops last week, a few quick years squirts with the water spray and now if I see him looking at the worktops all I have to do is reach for the bottle and he stalks away with a haughty expression.

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