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Getting kitten - what do I need to consider?

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Mrscog Sat 31-Aug-19 07:13:40

So, we’re planning on getting a kitten over the next 3-4 months but I want to be organised. What do I need to consider? I have my heart set on a very particular look (not breed, it just has to be a certain colour). I’ve browsed some local rescues but they don’t seem to consider families - is this always the case? My kids are 4 and 7 so are controllable.

We’ll obviously need a litter tray and a bed, and I might have to work from home for a few days when it first arrives?

But what else? What have I not thought about?!

I’m so excited, I grew up with cats but on a farm so it was all very relaxed with regards to where they went and when etc. This might be different!

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