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Longhaul with stressy cat?

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lopdedop Fri 23-Aug-19 07:37:27

I'm moving continent. Unfortunately there are no direct flights. Will involve 3 changes and take approx 28 hrs including stopovers. After that a 4 hour car journey.

My lovely cat is very easily stressed.
Is it cruel to take her? Am I being selfish?

I have a couple of months to prepare her. Has anybody done this?

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lopdedop Fri 23-Aug-19 11:15:23

Hopeful bump!

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viccat Fri 23-Aug-19 11:20:00

Have you spoken to any pet relocation companies? They often use cargo flights and have their own processes etc. so it may involve fewer changes/less time.

lopdedop Fri 23-Aug-19 11:22:39

Thank you. I will look into it.

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southchinasea Fri 23-Aug-19 11:33:08

Yes I moved my 3 cats from Borneo to the UK- a similar journey with flight changes. I was really anxious beforehand. They coped incredibly well and I'm so glad we did it. 8 years on they are happy suburban cats after their first 4 years in the jungle! The vet there helped organise their paperwork, health checks and travel.

lopdedop Fri 23-Aug-19 12:06:05

That's very reassuring! Thanks

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