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I'm so sad

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Kyriesmum1 Mon 19-Aug-19 20:15:04

Our beautiful baby cat Lottie went missing the day of my daughters surger (8th Aug). She chose my daughter who had the surgery even though she was supposed to be my DH cat! Anyway she didn't come home last Thursday but we thought she maybe stalking prey and would be home later in the day with a bird or rat hanging from her mouth.
When she didn't return over weekend I reassured my children that she had probably got herself shit in a garage/shed somewhere as we had another cat go missing for a week after getting shit in an elderly couples garage who only went shopping once a week!

Last Wednesday we decided to do a leaflet drop offering a £200 reward as agreed with petplan. Dropped 250 leaflets in local area. Thursday morning I got a call from an elderly chap 10 doors away from our house breaking the sad news that Friday morning he found out beautiful Lottie trapped in his swivel window. It had broken her neck :'( he had taken her to our local PDSA and asked them to scan for a micro chip. He said they literally swiped once across her body really quickly then announced that she wasn't chipped! She was!!

Anyway when he called Thursday morning he said he wasn't happy that they hadn't checked her very well and he informed me that he was told she would be destroyed Thursday evening if no one came forward to claim her body!!! Had I not done a leaflet drop Wednesday night I would never have got her back! When I collected her I took her to our own vets alto be cremated and put in an urn the same as our other fur babies! While there I asked them to check her for a chip and they found it immediately!! I'm so cross with PDSA for not checking her properly then we could have got her back 5 days earlier l. As it was the day we got her back was the same day we had to put our 6 year old cat to sleep 2 years earlier after his 16 mth fight with cancer. Talk about the shortest day on earth!!

My kids are devistated and at night all I can think about is what if she suffered. The vets assured me it would have been quick but it makes me feel sick. Apparently she always walked across their roof with this window on as part of her route home 😥😢

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Silvercatowner Mon 19-Aug-19 20:38:27

Big hugs. What a horrible time you've had. flowers

Summerunderway Mon 19-Aug-19 20:43:39

I would drop a note to pdsa. Maybe they don't train people(nurses) to use the scanner properly...
Sorry for your loss.

HuggedTheRedwoods Mon 19-Aug-19 22:07:13

I'm sorry, that is really sad for you all. flowers flowers

I agree with Summer about contacting the pdsa, if they're not using the scanner properly there could be many lost or hurt pets not being reunited with owners. Bless the old guy for doing his best to identify her though.

TrainspottingWelsh Mon 19-Aug-19 22:18:03

I’m so sorry op, and I’m not just saying it to make you feel better but I agree with the vets, it would have been quick. If she’d had time to be scared let alone in pain both you and the vets would have noticed the injuries.

Crazybunnylady123 Wed 21-Aug-19 17:45:49

I’m so sorry for your loss. We have a cat (who is our first cat together and my first cat ever) and I don’t know what I’d do without him. flowers

Kyriesmum1 Wed 21-Aug-19 20:11:51

@Crazybunnylady123 we have already lost 3 other cats but she was the youngest. The others were 6, 15 and 22!! Poor Lottie was only 3 😢
My sister brought my daughter a cushion she had made with pictures of Lottie on and it turned me into a blubbering wreck!
Should get her ashes back soon 😢

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Crazybunnylady123 Wed 21-Aug-19 20:43:16

I had a year like that last year, all 4 of my chinchillas died. Poor you it really sucks and how horrible for your little girl.
At least they all had a good life with you as their mummy. Words offer no comfort with the loss of a loved one. Be kind to yourself and remember there are so many cats that need a good home! flowers

Kyriesmum1 Thu 22-Aug-19 18:01:39

@Crazybunnylady123 we have 3 other cats, 3 snakes and 2 Lizards but we love them all and it's hard to lose one!! All our pets are rescues 😁

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Hamsterian Fri 23-Aug-19 10:12:15

I’m so sorry for your loss. She sounds like she was a great little cat and very loved.

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