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What in holy hell is in Dreamies?!?!

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Sparklfairy Mon 19-Aug-19 15:23:23

I have a quiet, laid back cat. Until the Dreamies come out. Then it's full on screaming, standing up, following me, more screaming...

She's not like this with anything else - even tuna or meat; she might stand up and try her luck or just stare at me hopefully while purring hard.

She knows where the Dreamies are kept and every time I even walk past there she starts at me. It's got to the point if I open anything else pouch like (sharing bags of maltesers etc) she comes over all hopeful.

I call them Kitty Crack. What on earth is in them that turns them into a possessed loon??

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EL8888 Mon 19-Aug-19 15:24:32

I also call them Cat Crack. God knows what’s in them!!!

BlackCatSleeping Mon 19-Aug-19 15:27:45

I’m wondering this about Ciao. I bought some to encourage the cat to take antibiotics but now he’s finished he won’t leave me alone. Cat crack for sure!

Wehttam Mon 19-Aug-19 15:28:42

Junkie pussies 😂

bonzo77 Mon 19-Aug-19 15:30:28

My cat doesn’t like them. I think she’s broken. The pet rats get them instead.

Sparklfairy Mon 19-Aug-19 15:32:59

bonzo77 definitely broken!

The thing that gets me (or worries me!) is the adverts are actually true!! Where the pouch gets shaken and the cat comes tearing through walls from apparently miles away in desperation for their fix... Mine doesn't quite leave such wanton destruction but she's not far off

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spongedog Mon 19-Aug-19 15:35:23

We call them Cat Crack too! My 10 year old fur baby goes crazy for them. He ignores catnip. I need the dreamies recipe to put into (fake) mice instead

PolkadotLollipop Mon 19-Aug-19 15:36:54

Bonzo, mine is largely indifferent to them. He’ll eat them if they’re offered but he certainly doesn’t go mad for them.

pinkpinkblue Mon 19-Aug-19 15:43:45

Mine goes crazy for them too!

Vasya Mon 19-Aug-19 15:45:01

Apparently they're the cat equivalent of a Burger King - fatty and salty! Whatever it is, they make my cats go absolutely crackers.

Vesperia Mon 19-Aug-19 15:50:24

i've tried them, they aren't very nice but my cat goes mad for them.

Nonstopbuttmachine Mon 19-Aug-19 16:09:39

Mine go nuts for the Lidl Coshida cat sticks. They're only allowed them once a week, like a weekend recreational drug. Kitty MDMA 🙀

Phimma Mon 19-Aug-19 16:48:50

My dogs love dreamies, so much so, they no longer bark, but miaow instead.

dementedpixie Mon 19-Aug-19 16:51:50

Mine love dreamies and webbox sticks

pickletickled Mon 19-Aug-19 16:57:53

Definitely crack!
My ferret used to go absolutely nuts for them. It makes me sad and still miss him when I see them in the shops but I smile too when I remember the lengths he'd go to to get at them smile

msmith501 Mon 19-Aug-19 17:01:47

I have to admit they are actually quite nice... and yes sadly I have tried a few....

iklboo Mon 19-Aug-19 17:04:27

My moggies aren't Dreamies fans but the minute I go in the cupboard where the Whiskas Temptations are is all out screaming, shouting, yarling and shin bashing.

PolkadotLollipop Mon 19-Aug-19 17:07:15

Rats like them, you say Bonzo? I might have to try them on the boys, though the are already somewhat husky, so I probably shouldn’t encourage that.

ScreamingValenta Mon 19-Aug-19 17:08:59

It's amazing. One of mine seems able to tell from any room in the house when the Dreamies packet comes out.

Sparklfairy Mon 19-Aug-19 17:09:56

@msmith501 ... But ... Why?!? I'd be worried about them turning me into the same rabid monster DCat turns into if nothing else!

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ScreamingValenta Mon 19-Aug-19 17:10:07

msmith50 What would you compare them to, eating-wise? I can't quite bring myself to try them.

TrainspottingWelsh Mon 19-Aug-19 17:10:27

One of mine doesn’t like eating them, but quite likes batting and hunting them, she seems to think it’s a small pouch of toys. Other eats them but doesn’t seem overly delighted.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Mon 19-Aug-19 17:11:00

Why hasn’t anyone tried one? I can’t believe no one has!

Lucafritz Mon 19-Aug-19 17:14:01

Definitely have cocaine in them 😂 mine goes insane everytime they come out and tries getting into the drawer where they are kept! Don't get a reaction like that with any other foods she has

msmith501 Mon 19-Aug-19 17:23:22

They're a little little small bite sized cookies - crunchy with a soft middle. Bearing in mind the high standards imposed on the pet food industry, they'd no harm in trying them... maybe finishing the packet with my pub mates was a bit OTT though...

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