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Bit specific, but Wainwright's Terrine cat food...

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StinkEye Wed 14-Aug-19 11:57:25

Our lovely cat adores it. She's a real eater, and quite particular (won't eat dry food at all!) and will meow and meow and literally push you into the food cupboard until she has more - BUT it's costing me £4 per day - really trying to get her down to 3 tins a day, but husband is a total sucker for her, and gives her the fourth, but we just can't afford it.
She doesn't like the Wainwrights pouches which are better value - anyone successfully moved from Wainwrights terrine tins to something more affordable?

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PalmersGreen Wed 14-Aug-19 11:59:00

Can you mix it with something? Add more and more of the other ingredients until she is an acceptable spend level?!

StinkEye Wed 14-Aug-19 13:39:14

That's not a bad idea at all - didn't even occur to me - will try that - thank you

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1984isnow Wed 14-Aug-19 20:38:05

Naturo mousse is a similar consistency, and about 50p a tub in sains and wilko. It's also one of the 'better' ones, grain free and high in meat content.

Or Gourmet do various ones like pate, terrine, and one called 'savoury cake' which is like a mixture of flakes and terrine. Not sure on all of the prices, but the pate tends to be around £5 for 12 tins (always on offer at Wilko for £4 a pack too). But they are the typical cat food nutrients, low in meat % etc.

StinkEye Fri 16-Aug-19 11:53:23

Thank you! Will deffo buy these.

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