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Flea/worming treatment at the vets.

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Rockbird Tue 13-Aug-19 12:17:29

How much does this roughly cost at the vet? Need to take the two cats and would just like an idea.

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Rockbird Tue 13-Aug-19 12:18:03

Or can I do it at home?

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viccat Tue 13-Aug-19 22:21:46

No need to go to the vet's for it, just pop in and buy vet prescribed flea and worming treatments. The only reason vet would need to see them is if they haven't weighed them for a while and need to know which weight category they're in (under or over 4kg).

I think Advocate is about £10 per month, can't remember exactly as I get it as part of a vet's healthcare plan now.

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