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Keeping the utility stink free

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ppwonar Mon 05-Aug-19 14:35:16

We have 2 indoor cats, who are usually shut up in our utility while we are at work as they can't be trusted not to ruin our furniture (utility is decent size, no window, but extractor fan). They use a covered litter tray with wood pellets which is cleaned regularly (poos as soon as we are aware, wees usually every morning). However there is usually a bit of a lingering smell between the litter tray and cat food. I think it's probably mostly a wet litter smell (Although not like fresh urine as I can sniff that out instantly) but wondered if there were any suggestions for how to keep it fresher? For example this morning litter tray cleaned c.7am, I came home about 1pm as this smell is lurking. One of the cats does sometimes pee outside the litter tray (in sink, randomly on surface recently) so I did wonder if one of the special pet odour sprays would help clearing that up than our usual antibac spray etc.

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thecatneuterer Mon 05-Aug-19 14:38:45

There really is no urine smell with wood pellets - only the smell of the shit. I suppose if they are peeing on something that can't properly be cleaned that could cause it. I find that MN favourite, Zoflora, to be the best for getting rid of that sort of smell.

Other than that I think the only thing you could do would be to upgrade the extractor fan to something more powerful and leave it on permanently.

ppwonar Mon 05-Aug-19 14:49:49

Hmm I do think there is a bit of a small when it's wet, can be enough to make me gag at times when I am cleaning it (though I am pregnant!).

Extractor fan solution seems extreme! I've got the back door open for now.

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LazyFace Mon 05-Aug-19 14:55:00

Have you considered switching them to raw food? There's no smell at all, I've had my cat since December, even the dog hasn't noticed there are edibles in the cat litter tray (and he follows the chickens around the garden for their output regularly so it's not that he wouldn't eat it).

viccat Mon 05-Aug-19 15:17:55

Having cats shut in a small room with no window for the whole day doesn't sound great at all. shock Why have cats if you're so concerned about your furniture?

I find wood pellet only smells if it's not been changed for a while - completely emptied, tray wiped clean and a new lot of litter put in. Some of the wood pellets are not as good as others though, there's one in particular that has a funky smell, can't remember what it's called though. I prefer Platinum Plus from ZooPlus or either Morrisons or Waitrose own brand.

thecatneuterer Mon 05-Aug-19 15:44:00

Well yes. I was thinking the same as Vic at but had had ebough of hectoring strangers for today so decided against mentioning it grin

I find Pets at Home wood pellets to be good.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 05-Aug-19 17:27:20

You can buy air purifiers, ours is great.

Soontobe60 Mon 05-Aug-19 17:32:37

Are they indoor cats? If not then think about having a cat flap put on the wall. Keeping them in a small windowless room all day is a bit cruel imo.
Otherwise give them free reign of the house

GiantKitten Mon 05-Aug-19 17:35:32

Sounds like a dirty protest at being locked up in a windowless cell hmm

Get them a cat flap!

LemonTreeLemon Mon 05-Aug-19 17:38:44

Having cats shut in a small room with no window for the whole day doesn't sound great at all. * Why have cats if you're so concerned about your furniture?*

This ^^

Sorry I couldn't get past the fact you lock them up all day. Poor cats.

MaisyMary77 Mon 05-Aug-19 17:40:22

Try using a different type of cat litter? I used to use wood pellets but found they got smelly very quickly. I now use felipure cat litter from petscorner. It seems expensive but a box lasts my two cats a month. Their litter tray is in our downstairs loo and only smells when they’ve done their business.

Mia184 Mon 05-Aug-19 17:45:25

I agree that keeping them in a windowless room (with artificial light?) sounds quite harsh and them peeing outside the litter tray may well be their way of showing their displeasure. Whenever I travel and get my suitcase out, my cat will poop the next time (luckily only once) right next to the litter tray. Do you have an alternative room where you could keep them while you‘re at work? Do you have various scratching posts/barrels etc for the cats to use?

thecatneuterer Mon 05-Aug-19 18:00:28

@Fluffycloudland77 Please tell us more. I saw a Dyson air purifier advertised and thought it looked exactly what I needed, however on reading the small print it seems to say that it didn't get rid of odours, only allergens and such, which I couldn't see the point of.

What do you have? How do you use it? and does it get rid of the smell of just-emptied litter tray?

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 05-Aug-19 18:16:54

We’ve got the silent night one, £35 off amazon and it definitely gets rid of odours. It’s got a heap filter that’s minging after 2 months.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 05-Aug-19 18:17:45

Hepa not heap. I leave it on all day.

thecatneuterer Mon 05-Aug-19 18:29:18

Thanks. I've just ordered one.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 05-Aug-19 18:32:20

I missed the bit about no window, they must be stir crazy with boredom.

We would be.

ppwonar Mon 05-Aug-19 20:41:25

Jeezo forgot mumsnet was primed and waiting with all the judgey pants perfectionists ready to jump on a post. People are a bit kinder on the pregnancy board... hmm

It's not windowless. There's a door with a window - it just can't be opened. It's not all day every day - I don't work full time so I'm at home more often than not. We've not that long moved house, have some new furniture, would rather cats don't rip it to shreds every day. It is their safe space and when we moved they were much happier there than having free reign of the house so got in the habit of keeping them feeling 'safe'. They have multiple scratching posts... Anyway...why bother trying to justify. I'll be on mat leave soon so they'll have free reign. Was just wondering if anyone had any helpful suggestions. Thanks for those that did, I'll look into an air purifier.

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HappyHammy Mon 05-Aug-19 20:47:39

I know sometimes people can sound harsh but in this weather it must get hot for the cats, is the extractor fan in the window in the door that can let fresh in. Most cats don't like having food in the same room as litter trays, if you find it unpleasant then the cats are much more sensitive to smells. One room is pretty small for 2 cats. Could you not extend their safe area to include another room. With the furniture, do you think they will tear it to shreads, could you not just cover it up with an old sheet or something.

MustardScreams Mon 05-Aug-19 20:50:24

I hate this attitude so bloody much!!

The people asking about your cats being locked up in a single room all day aren’t doing it because they’re judgemental bastards. They’re doing it because they care about animals and from your op it sounded less than ideal. So get off your high horse and realise that people don’t go out of their way to be dicks, but animals cannot speak, so rely on the lovely people such as the above mumsnetters to speak out for them.

Malteserdiet Mon 05-Aug-19 20:58:15

The Sainsbury’s own brand cat litter in the orange bags releases a linen type smell when wet. That’s quite good but does get a bit sickly in my opinion - my DH prefers the smell though and doesn’t find it sickly.

redcaryellowcar Mon 05-Aug-19 21:51:43

Catsan cat litter I think smells less than others. Maybe worth a try.

Blankspace4 Mon 05-Aug-19 21:54:09

Be careful with the litter tray and cleaning that area if you are pregnant - from memory it’s not advised? Do you have a partner who can take over these duties for a while?

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