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Kitten tips?

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eurochick Sun 28-Jul-19 10:11:19

We have two BSH kittens coming home soon. They are female and siblings.

I've lived with adult cats, puppies and adult dogs before but never kittens. Any tips? They will be indoor cats. Are they likely to keep us up all night?

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viccat Sun 28-Jul-19 10:58:17

Kitten proof everywhere! They fit into the tiniest gaps. As they'll be indoor cats, have you already secured your windows? Flat Cat screens are good. Otherwise, you should only open your windows up to 2 inches on a restrictor/ventilation latch.

Mine were always good at sleeping through the night pretty much. Even better if you can keep them active in the evenings (play time!) and feed them before bed.

Get more than one litter tray and put them around the home, easier for kittens if they don't have to search for it from further away. No clumping litter while young, they can play with it and end up eating some.

Get them registered with your vet and neutered as early as your vet will do (around 4 months ideally to avoid them having their first season).

They might climb your curtains and on all shelves so remove any items you would be upset to see broken/damaged...

Take lots of photos! smile

MashedSpud Sun 28-Jul-19 11:02:56

Get them a cat tree so they can climb, flat cardboard scratchers, toys and get them into being brushed early as they are dense furred cats.

YouFellAsleeep Sun 28-Jul-19 11:37:29

I’ve got lots of scratching things for my kitten, to keep him away from wanting to scratch the furniture! He really likes his cat tree. I’ve got a ragdoll kitten, he has a hyper 2 hours in the morning and again at night, the rest of the time he’s pretty chill. Lies on the windowsill or sleeps most of the day! He’s shut in the living room at night, the first 2 nights we had him he was waking my son up at 4 am and my son takes medication to sleep so this wasn’t ideal! He’s been fine sleeping in the living room ever since. I’ve got a camera in there and when I check it in the morning, I can see he still gets up around 4 and plays for a bit!

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