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Advice on new rescue cat

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OldPodge Wed 24-Jul-19 18:51:04

We have a new rescue cat. She’s about 13 as far as we know and was at a vet practice for a month having been found as a stray, with a large dental abscess and ticks. She’s had the all clear medically but is still very skinny. She’s been treated for worms and fleas. Been with us for two days and now she’s settling in she’s asking for food all the time. What sort of feeding regime would be best for her. Was thinking three smallish meals a day. Any advice very welcome.

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VictoriaBun Wed 24-Jul-19 18:59:40

Are you feeding the same food as the cat has been eating whilst in the car of vets/rescue ? It's normally best to do that at the start at least. Then if you decide to change them do gradually to avoid tummy upsets.
Next question, are they fed wet or dry food or a mix of both ? Always have water available .
With my day she is fed a mix of dry and wet. She has wet out down twice a day, morning and evening then dry food is down all the rest of the time for her to snack on when she fancys. Thankfully she doesn't overeat too much, but she has a bit of a podge, more so during the winter months. Welcome to you new (elderly) cat !

dementedpixie Wed 24-Jul-19 19:01:10

How much are you giving? What weight is she? I leave dry food down all the time and give 2 or 3 small wet food meals per day. I split a pouch or tin between the 2 cats for a meal

OldPodge Wed 24-Jul-19 19:12:22

She’s 3.58kg. The vets said they were giving her whatever food they had available as they were treating her free of charge. I’ve been giving her mostly wet food. Waitrose own brand suited my last cat and also have some Royal canin gastro dried stuff from after my last cat got poorly 😭. She hasn’t been sick or anything and is pooing well.

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OldPodge Wed 24-Jul-19 19:13:33

She lost a lot of teeth when she was first found as they were very manky

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viccat Wed 24-Jul-19 20:21:15

Do you know if they did a blood test as well? Sounds a lot like hyperthyroidism (always hungry, losing weight), unless that's been ruled out.

OldPodge Wed 24-Jul-19 22:26:11

Ah...there’s a thought Vic. I was told all bloods are normal but unsure if they did check thyroid. I’m taking her back for immunisations next week, so will ask then.

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