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Advice before getting our kitten

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darlingtwinklebum Mon 15-Jul-19 14:54:40

Hi, we are due to pick up our new kitten in just under 2 weeks. (Should be a picture attached)
I'm wanting to start buying the bits that we'll need but wanted to make sure I'm not missing any. Here's what's on the list:

Litter tray, litter, litter scoop
Food, food/water bowls
Toys, scratch post

Anything I'm missing? Could be something quite obvious so apologies if there is anything!

Also wanted to know what questions to ask when I pick her up?


growlingbear Mon 15-Jul-19 14:57:29

I'd get defleaing and worming meds in and some anti-flea spray. In the summer it is quite easy for them to pick up fleas from neighbouring cats once they get old enough to explore.

I'd get a cat flap and magnet (or chip) so she can get in and out easily once she's old enough.

growlingbear Mon 15-Jul-19 14:57:58

She is so cute! Lovely markings.

HippyChickMama Mon 15-Jul-19 15:02:09

She doesn't need a collar. Collars are a strangulation hazard, there's no need for one until she's big enough to go outside and even then there's not really any need if she's microchipped.

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Mon 15-Jul-19 15:04:53

Very cute kitten grin.

Probably no point buying a bed - in my experience cats sleep where they want - not where you plan it.
No need for a collar since I'm assuming you'll keep the kitten in for several months?
If it's a private purchase get the kitten checked out at a vet and get it chipped. If it's from a rescue they will almost certainly have done this already.

TailsoftheManyPaws Mon 15-Jul-19 15:07:48

I'd get some cardboard cat furniture -- our kittens liked this as they could stretch right out to scratch, then go to sleep on the nicely shredded bits.

Have you got insurance lined up?

chemenger Mon 15-Jul-19 15:08:05

I third the no collar recommendations. They are a hazard and are not necessary. People who have never seen a collar injury will tell you how safe they are, vets and rescue volunteers won’t.

TroubleWithNargles Mon 15-Jul-19 15:19:27

If you have a fireplace, block it up. Ditto around the sides of things like kitchen appliances so that the kitten can't squeeze through the gap and get stuck. And they can squeeze into remarkably small spaces, let me tell you.

darlingtwinklebum Mon 15-Jul-19 15:19:55

I had no idea about the collar! Glad I posted now I'll take it off the list.

Thanks for the replies

darlingtwinklebum Mon 15-Jul-19 15:21:39

Will be getting a vet appointment ASAP to discuss all the various things she'll need to have.
Pet insurance I'll be looking at tonight once dd is in bed.

As for food does anyone have any advice? I've read a few other threads that say to keep to the food they've been on?
How long for? And what do they move onto afterwards?

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Mon 15-Jul-19 15:26:24

Food she's used to is sensible to start with - then slowly move onto your choice.

And one thing you've missed - a second kitten - getting two makes your life much easier.

MustardScreams Mon 15-Jul-19 15:27:28

Best advice I can give is to get 2 kittens. It’s so much easier than just having one single as they use each other as kitten pouncing/scratching/biting practice and not you.

TailsoftheManyPaws Mon 15-Jul-19 15:31:48

I'm not sure I agree about two kittens. They adore each other for the first few months, but once they're adult cats, they may not get on. We had nearly 17 years of our sister-cats hissing at each other as they hurriedly slunk past in the doorway. (No, of course they couldn't choose to use different doors, that would ruin the fun.)

Dangly fishing rod toys, now they DO make your life easier and your toes/jeans/fingers more likely to stay intact.

darlingtwinklebum Mon 15-Jul-19 15:32:17

Oh really? There are others available still grin
I just wanted to be able to look after one really well.. is two really not a lot harder then?

TheCatThatDanced Mon 15-Jul-19 15:34:11

Definitely get another kitten - they play, cuddle, sleep together - well at least until they decide if they're going to fight.

Also, one kitten like mine did (he was 4.5/5 months old though) - decided to hide under somewhere dark (an Ikea church storage bench) for 2 weeks and rarely came out. That was fun...

TheCatThatDanced Mon 15-Jul-19 15:36:15

It is a good idea to keep them on the food they've been used to - mine had Iams kitten food at first. Also treats - which help them to behave, no scratching etc. You can get dentabit treats which theoretically are good for their teeth.

TheCatThatDanced Mon 15-Jul-19 15:37:58

not sure if someone mentioned - but get the kitten/s a scratching post.

a few small cheap toys (like balls etc) as well as dangly toys, like Da Bird.

notmylittleangel Mon 15-Jul-19 15:42:25

I'd get two kittens
No collar
More than one litter tray
Cardboard floor scratch post
Upright stratch post

Catnip spray- useful for redirecting them away from places you don't want them to places you do.

Special cleaning spray for accidents.

Larger memory card for all the pictures you will take

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Mon 15-Jul-19 15:43:16

is two really not a lot harder then?

Two is genuinely easier as they keep each other amused.

bengalcat Mon 15-Jul-19 15:48:14

As others have said ditch the collar . A cardboard box will do for a bed - cat will sleep where it wants / you let it ( or find it ) anyway . More than one is fun . They can amuse / annoy each other . Enjoy .

DobbyTheHouseElk Mon 15-Jul-19 16:00:01

Oh my goodness what a cute face.

You do actually need another kitten.

darlingtwinklebum Mon 15-Jul-19 16:01:16

Thanks for all the advice.. when I pick her up I'll be able to see how she interacts with the others as I won't be rushing home with her
I'll inquire about another kitten.. I'd like to get her home and settled to see how she reacts to our house first
I'll keep it in mind about two though

HuggedTheRedwoods Mon 15-Jul-19 16:09:03

Very sweet kitten! Its also best to try and keep them on the litter type they've been used to, intially at least.

MustardScreams Mon 15-Jul-19 16:14:12

She’ll settle in a lot quicker with a litter mate. I’ve had singles who hid for weeks and 2 that romped around together after about an hour or two. Great fun!

Most rescues only rehome kittens in pairs just because they do so much better when in a new environment and it is genuinely easier to have 2!

TailsoftheManyPaws Mon 15-Jul-19 16:26:23

We are clearly the home of recalcitrant littermate-hating cats.

Following our Spitting Sisters pair, our current cat was rehomed to us as a single kitten because her siblings all picked on her (to be fair, she is a bit of an idiot).

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