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Moved in with DH, baby on the way, previously calm cat going crazy

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evuscha Sun 14-Jul-19 14:19:40

Experienced cat people of Mumsnet, I need help!

I have 2 cats, had them for about 6 years (they are 6 and 7), DCat1 is a pedigree (ragdoll) and DCat2 is a rescue. DCat1 has always been very relaxed (DCat2 has had some "peeing in stress" reaction before but he's fine now). Both neutered and always been indoor cats.

I met my now DH 3 years ago, he's a cat person and they both love him, there were no issues previously and he used to stay at mine frequently. Recently we moved in together - with me moving from the UK to the US and taking the cats with us. They handled the trip well, this house is much bigger than my UK place, I put my DH in charge of giving them treats every day (and generally being the nice guy for them) and I thought everything was going well. I am now home all day with them as well as our baby is coming soon.

Everything went ok at first (I was worried about the stress of moving for them but they handled it well) until now my DCat1 (the ragdoll) previously very chilled and unphased, started really acting out and going to extreme measures to get my attention. So every night she wakes me up by scratching on the bedroom door really loudly - I tried telling her off, I tried closing the door (normally they're allowed in), ignoring her - nothing works and she keeps doing it (leaving me pretty exhausted, sleep is hard as it is). When I ignored this, she upped her game and started scratching on furniture, in particular my DH's favourite chair that she knows she's not allowed. It's very clear she does all this on purpose and to get a reaction from me. I'm shocked as 1. she was never like that, never destructive and although attached to me it was always in a sweet way (following me around the house and being cuddly) and 2. If anything I give her more attention now than before as I am not at work all day.

Obviously now I'm worried this will massively escalate when the baby comes and want to handle it as well as possible. Any experience and advice will be much appreciated sad

thecatneuterer Sun 14-Jul-19 17:20:59

As I can't work out how to treat the cause I can only suggest how to treat the symptoms. Have you tried Feliway? (assuming you can get it in the US)

evuscha Sun 14-Jul-19 18:28:41

I will try Feliway, thank you!

What I'm trying to figure out is how to respond to this - tell her off? Ignore? Comfort? I previously tried ignoring when she did this with the door, and that's when she moved on to the expensive furniture.

What's also strange is that she does this exclusively at night in order to wake me up and get my attention. She's fine during the day, sits with us happily when we're watching TV, and seems happy with my DH.

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