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Will my boy be jealous of baby?

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ChristinaMarlowe Thu 11-Jul-19 20:33:37

Hi all. I have a 2 year old neutered tom who thinks he's a human/we're big cats (not sure which!). DC2 is being delivered next thurs by C-Section and will hopefully be home by the weekend. I'm getting anxious that the cat will get jealous and take it out on baby or run away/start to avoid coming home. He will be shut out of the bedroom for the first time and generally be confused by the intruder, but to what ends?
I had a moody old girl when DC1 was born 6.5 years ago but she wasn't a people-cat so never really seemed to care other than idle curiousity. I'm worried that this time around will be different? Doesn't help that DH is not a cat lover and although he's fond of him he's very much, "get him off the bed.. There's fur everywhere.. Don't leave the window open for him he brings mice in (true..)", so I already feel like I have to take sides 😅
Any and all advice gratefully received.
(Picture of my lovely boy Eachus included 😊)
Thank you in advance.

ChristinaMarlowe Fri 12-Jul-19 12:34:10


barnyb Sat 13-Jul-19 22:45:25

Hello! I have no advice but this has been playing on my mind! My boy is 7 and we don't have any children. Just him in the house with husband and I. He's spoilt rotten !! We are now pregnant and I do worry he will feel left out xx

Vinorosso74 Sat 13-Jul-19 23:10:02

They may be a bit put out at first! Our old cat was around 7 when DD arrived and we'd had her almost a year and a half. We gradually made changes at home so things weren't a big shock to her. The worst was shutting her out the bedroom at night but by the third night she was ok with it.
When we brought DD home from hospital she took one look at this small human in the car seat and hid under the bed for 2 hours. After that all was fine. She would sit with me when I was BFing DD and we made sure she got some fuss so don't ignore kitty! DD and her had a lovely bond but we had to have her PTS late 2017.
When baby is on the move make sure there are places out of reach for cat to escape from scary small humans. I think we only had one incidence of DD trying to eat cat food.....
Cats Protection have some info on their website which may be of use.

purplereindeer Sun 14-Jul-19 20:13:45

My two cats are absolutely fine with our new baby.

They ignore him (baby is six months old now) mostly, the baby occasionally strokes them a little bit (with help obviously!)

They do tend to sleep in the baby's cot during the day, which can be a bit annoying, but it has been totally fine.

TheLongRider Mon 15-Jul-19 08:05:42

When I had DD by C section, we brought home one of her baby grows for the cats to sniff before she came home a couple of days later.Just to get them used to the scent.

We had 4 cats at the time, when she came home we put her on the floor in her baby car seat and the cats came over for a look and a sniff. Mostly they ignored her, our ginger boy decided she was nice and would sit beside her and purr when she was feeding.

When DD cried, one of them would give us a look that said, "I didn't sign up for this!" and would go out the cat flap until calm was restored.

DD and the cats have grown up together, she learned how to stroke them and never pulled their tails. The cats will adjust.

ChristinaMarlowe Mon 15-Jul-19 19:22:12

Thank you all so much for your replies, I was beginning to think there was no one out there!

It's really reassuring that the cats were more afraid/indifferent than aggressive - I can't imagine Eachus being aggressive (we've never heard him hiss, ever, not even at a vet 🤣 and he only growls when he has a mouse and knows I'm coming to save it!) but these things suddenly become a worry when it gets close to time to bring baby home.
Letting him smell her scent would be great but I'm hoping to be out after 24 hours and DH will be staying in hospital with me so neither of us will be going home in between to do this. If I need to stay in any longer ai will certainly get him to bring home a babygrow and let Each smell it. Otherwise we will put the car seat down for him to have a look at her. He's a real coward so he'll probably run away like your boys and girls did!
Thanks again for the replies everyone, really helpful and I feel reassured now that it will be fine 😊

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