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Renal failure diet

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BurntSausage Fri 05-Jul-19 09:22:35

Hi everyone. I don’t post in here much but in often read it for advice.

I’ve got a beautiful 14 year old lady who was diagnosed with kidney disease last year. She’s been on a renal diet since then but over the last couple of weeks seems to have gone downhill - occasional vomiting and seeming lacking in energy - so I took her to the vet and she’s had a load of blood taken that I’m waiting on the results for.

She hasn’t eaten since we got back from the vet last night and I’m wondering if I can give her some food that isn’t her renal stuff? When my last old cat was on his way out he went out with a feast of tuna and chicken, but I don’t want to make this one more ill by giving her something she shouldn’t have.

Any advice? She’s got some anti-nausea tablets she’s supposed to start tonight and I was very blasé about putting them in the food and it being fine, but it’s kinda dependent on her eating in the first place!

Thanks in advance.

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PinkSparklyPussyCat Fri 05-Jul-19 10:39:19

My cat was diagnosed with early CKD a couple of years ago and won't eat the renal food. Initially the vet said to keep trying but we agreed that it was better for him to eat normal food rather than nothing as that puts extra stress on the kidneys.

We never tried him on the renal food again and he has Ipakitine powder added to his normal pouches. We tried various other kidney medications but he wouldn't take them and the vet didn't want him to have Ipakitine as there are newer and better meds out there. I pointed out they are only better if he'll take them and she agreed he could have the Ipakitine.

I would speak to your vet and say that she's not eating and ask what the options are. Good luck!

BurntSausage Fri 05-Jul-19 10:54:10

Thanks @PinkSparkyPussyCat, going to speak to the vet later about the blood tests so I’ll mention the food smile

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PinkSparklyPussyCat Fri 05-Jul-19 14:32:36

This is what Harry has Ipakitine

When he was having tests for his kidneys I got it from the vets using the insurance but as he hasn't got an outstanding claim we now buy it online.

I hope your girl is feeling better soon.

AnnaMagnani Fri 05-Jul-19 16:37:12

Have you seen this website?

The key piece of info stressed is that the best food is food your cat will eat. There is also loads of info on how to tempt your cat when it has given up eating.

My old lady has just been diagnosed with CKD and I've found the site a lifeline. She had lost a kilo in weight and wasn't big to start with - our house is now overflowing with stuff recommended and she is eating more than she has for a year!

She will eat the renal dry food, turns her nose up at renal wet food but we are making our way through the brands and have had some success with dried tuna flakes sprinkled over the top, Sheba cat soup is a big winner and apparently low in phosphorus, cat milk is also a winner at gets her hydrated - the list goes on.

Also sitting with her while she eats gets her to eat more, all tips from the website.

I've found it so useful, it's like I've got my cat back again. We thought she was on death's door and now she is back jumping out of the window. I hope you have some luck flowers

BurntSausage Fri 05-Jul-19 16:40:13

Thanks again @PinkSparklyPussyCat, the vet rang and she’s got to go in for fluids for 48hrs and some more tests. 🤞🏻

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scaryteacher Fri 05-Jul-19 19:39:11

My boy with CKD won't touch the renal wet either; he goes between Sheba and Iams wet with Ipakitine on it. They have tried some meds and we seem to have finally found one that suits him. Will get blood tests back next week to see how he has been doing on it.

BurntSausage Fri 05-Jul-19 20:21:03

Thanks @scaryteacher. Sounds like ipakitine might be the way to go. I’ll see what the vets say when they let me know how she’s doing. I’ve got a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that she’s not going to come home again 😔

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BurntSausage Fri 05-Jul-19 21:08:23

@AnnaMagnani so sorry I missed your post, don’t know how! That’s great news about your cat. Hopefully mine will make a similar recovery. Thanks for the website link, that’s really useful to know. I’ve got bloody packets of the renal food I bought recently left, can’t remember the brand now. Hopefully my others will eat it because she really wasn’t keen 😁

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AnnaMagnani Fri 05-Jul-19 21:23:22

I hope your cat will be OK, the website is v hopeful about cats being rehydrated.

I have a younger cat who acts as a dustbin so none of my renal food is wasted - it's just a shame the cat who needs to eat it won't touch it.

Today's progress is I managed to sneak a drop of B vitamins in her milk. Supposed to be 7.5mls but we can work up smile Another website suggestion.

My DH and DM thought I was crazy buying so much stuff but the change in the cat has been so big that they are now converted to giving her her daily soup and putting magic sprinkles tuna flakes on food to get her to eat. We wouldn't have known to do any of that by ourselves.

DontCallMeShitley Sun 07-Jul-19 22:53:37

I was going to suggest the site mentioned above, it used to be called TanyasCRF when I first had need for it.

The one thing I always remember from it above all else is that any food is better than no food.

We were recommended Kaminox by our vet

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