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They can travel through space and time can't they?

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 27-May-19 00:06:33

I am sitting at the table (MNetting ) and I can hear something behind me ....... but Female Cat is under the table and Male Cat is under the sofa. Can she project noise like throwing her voice ?

Then today , I looked in the pantry (the door is less than 3' wide)
I took out some empty wrappers , dropped something picked it up, didn't step away . Closed the door .
We heard a noise .......Female cat had got locked in ( for less than a minute) . But there are boxes on the floor , cats usually weigh things up before they jump in, especially something new .

I blame letting them watch 'Event Horizon' (film) where he explains about folding Space to shorten the distance from A-B.
My cat can bloody fold Space .

It is going to be a challenge keeping her in when the outside beckons . She is already breaking into my DD bedroom to sit n the windowsill to threaten the birds


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SpeckofStardust Mon 27-May-19 02:05:54

Yes they can. I don’t have time to go into it in depth because they’re always watching, always. My advice: don’t turn your back and sleep with one eye open. Good luck.

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