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Slavery getting rid of my favourite chair. AIBU

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Toddlerteaplease Mon 13-May-19 20:40:51

My slaves are giving my favourite chair to DD2. I think this is very unfair and totally unreasonable behaviour. DD2 had an identical chair and gave it away. I feel my need is far greater than hers. AIBU? The photos are of me on my chair.

Love Mithril

(Mithril is my parents cat, incase you are wondering)

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Toddlerteaplease Mon 13-May-19 20:41:30

*Titles should say slaves.

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stitchwitch84 Mon 13-May-19 20:45:31

YANBU. Your slaves are being totally unreasonable. Our slaves would never think of doing such a thing! We recommend half a dead mouse in some suitable place, like your slave's bed or maybe inside their shoe.

Signed, J&W

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 13-May-19 21:08:29

Oh that’s really mean of them, the cat can’t go and get it’s own chair but your dsis can.

Toddlerteaplease Mon 13-May-19 21:13:51

I think I'll scratch their fairly new and very expensive sofa in return. Serves them right!
Ps. How handsome am I?!!

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Fluffycloudland77 Mon 13-May-19 21:20:23

Very handsome!

Scratch it. Wee on it too, just for good measure.

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