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Cat pooping in the rabbit hutch

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olivesnutsandcheese Fri 03-May-19 08:32:16

Gah the cat has been attempting for a few days before finally succeeding in a stinky turd in the rabbits hutch.
The rabbit has been an indoor bunny since December. Cat not impressed at all and gets very jealous. Do you think she's making a point to shit in the bunnys bed?
I need to keep the flap down on the hutch now as soon as I let the bunny out in the morning. Both pets are locked in (different) places at night.

What do I do???

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EskeewdBeef Fri 03-May-19 08:35:04

It's probably the ammonia smell that's appealing, rather than a dirty protest.

Toddlerteaplease Fri 03-May-19 14:52:57

Probably thinks it's a litter tray?

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