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Noise-sensitive cat?

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Hidingtonothing Thu 25-Apr-19 10:44:14

I have a gorgeous three year old tabby girl, she's been with us since she was about 6 months old. I noticed a year or so back that she has an odd reaction to some sounds, people whistling for instance and certain phone ring tones, also when playing back answerphone messages. She gets intensely interested in the sound, so (say I'm whistling) she would get right in my face like she's investigating where the sound is coming from, her eyes go really big and sort of intense if that makes sense and, if I don't stop, she has been known to sort of spring at me like she's going to attack!

I'm definitely getting the impression she wants the noise to stop, obviously we try to accommodate (she is the overlord after all) and no one whistles in our house anymore, I even changed my ring tone to one she doesn't mind so much but there's not much I can do about answerphone messages etc. I just wondered if anyone else had known of anything similar or whether this is just another bit of cat-strangeness? She's beautifully healthy and happy in every other way and we only see this reaction on the odd occasion when a particular noise bothers her but I've never seen it in another cat and I have had a lot of cats over the years!

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