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Stray cat

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Islaofsilly Wed 24-Apr-19 20:50:56

A cat has been hanging around my garden lately. He looks like a young, entire male. He is a bit thin and seems on the prowl for food. Today he was chased off by one of my cats. He really didn’t want to go sad

I often feed one of my cats outside the back door because he is very nervous of being indoors and I think this is what has attracted this cat.

I obviously need to stop this as it’s upsetting my cat (who is quite anxious) but at the same time I’m a bit worried about the poor little thing.

Any advice?

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Fluffycloudland77 Wed 24-Apr-19 21:45:04

Well feed him first of all, hunger really hurts. Try to put a paper collar on him to see if he’s owned.

Then take it from there. Poor little sod won’t last that long anyway if he’s entire. They roam off and get run over/lost.

Islaofsilly Wed 24-Apr-19 23:46:40

Thanks, I really want to feed him and deliberately left the food out this week for that reason (I know hunger is horrible) just not sure how to do this in my garden with my two cats chasing him off and I suppose I wondered if I should call Cats Protection or if they would be interested.

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Islaofsilly Thu 25-Apr-19 02:26:51

Poor little sod won’t last that long anyway if he’s entire. They roam off and get run over/lost

Ps also - perhaps this is what I am on a cat forum asking advice for, and trying to avoid? Not sure what about my question necessitated such a negative reply but thanks, j have put food out tonight.

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chemenger Thu 25-Apr-19 02:33:29

It’s worth a try contacting your local CP branch, they’re probably on Facebook. They will advise, may come out and check for a chip and might be able to take him in to their care. Get a picture of him and put it on local lost cat sites, he might have wandered too far from home and got lost. In the mean time feed him and if you can give him somewhere cosy to sleep.

Islaofsilly Thu 25-Apr-19 04:52:00

Thank you. I kept anxious Dcat in tonight and left food out but he hadn’t eaten it when I just checked. He may now be wary of coming back.

I have emailed Cats Protection but unless I can regularly feed him so they can come out with a scanner/trap I am not sure what they can do. We are in quite an animal loving quiet area with lots of wildlife so I will keep an eye out for him.

Anxious Dcat used to be a stray and CP neutered and tamed him so I have some experience with them but at that point I only had one easy going cat who tolerated the newcomer.

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Alicewond Thu 25-Apr-19 04:59:39

Have you tried local Facebook groups, you have tried your best

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