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Male cat constantly being attacked

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BricksInTheWall Tue 23-Apr-19 07:55:47

My male cat is 2 and is daily, sometimes multiple times daily being attacked by 2 local neighbourhood cats. He is neutered, these I suspect aren't. Only this morning I had to physically separate him and another cat on my own doorstep as they were curled up in a ball around each fighting really aggressively. They come into our gardens and just go for it. He is a soft git and regularly gets completely battered, coming inside winded when I manage to clear the other one off. He's had around 6 leg abscesses in the last year which are costing a bloody fortune.

He absolutely will not tolerate being kept inside permanently and it's just not feasible with kids who insist on leaving doors open etc. He's gone outside since he was neutered and chipped.

Is there anything at all I can do here? Or is this just how it's going to be? I know who owns the ginger tabby who is the main culprit but he's quite old, nonetheless I was considering offering to pay for his neutering in the hope it would calm him down. It's awful to listen to and witness 😓

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Fluffycloudland77 Tue 23-Apr-19 08:44:33

Cat proof the garden so yours can’t get out and theirs can’t get in. YouTube has loads of videos on it.

juneau Tue 23-Apr-19 08:53:06

Is cat-proofing your garden an option? If so, I'd do it. If not, then yes, by all means offer to get the cat neutered as it will likely make it less aggressive. Then you just have the problem with the other one. Could you train your kids to chase these other cats out of the garden, shoot water pistols at them, etc? I bloody would. They have no business being in your garden. If I see cats in our garden I have no problem at all with chasing them, clapping my hands and even throwing things in their general direction.

WhiskersPete Tue 23-Apr-19 09:00:53

Cat proof fencing in the garden - we’ve just done ours, due to dangerous road nearby, but there are companies who will do it for you.

BricksInTheWall Tue 23-Apr-19 09:30:32

Cat proofing looks great, will suggest it to DP later when he gets home, it's something he could manage no problem. We have a 1 year old female too who has been attacked in the back garden by the one attacking my male this morning so I have absolutely no idea what that one is. Just absolutely feral. Usually when I hear the fighting if home I'll shoot out and they scarper off but this morning it was completely unphased and continued fighting with my male despite me trying to whack it off 😳 if we are out front and we see them coming towards us we usually hiss and make a step towards them and they run, but they seem to be closing in and are constantly in or outside our gardens the last couple of weeks, spraying everywhere 🤬

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