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First time in a cattery - old cat?

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ooooohbetty Wed 17-Apr-19 07:34:57

I hired someone to come to my house twice a day to feed my cat and change littler. I think my cat preferred it to going to a cattery and I liked the fact that someone was keeping an eye on my house whilst I was away.

Lindy2 Wed 17-Apr-19 07:06:37

Toddler - the garden area is completely secure. It's fully enclosed including a wire roof. One side I each cat pen looks out on to the garden. Each cat gets some individual, supervised time in the garden each day. I was very happy with the set up. As my cat likes going outside that was an important part of selecting this particular cattery.

Leyani Wed 17-Apr-19 06:58:29

Thanks all. He used to be very feisty, very much an outdoors cat always having scraps with other cats before coming back for a big cuddle, but is now quite happy to just sit at the window and eat and sleep. I’ll see about another pet sitter.

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Toddlerteaplease Wed 17-Apr-19 05:37:40

@Lindy2 they let your cats out? Enclosed garden or not I wouldn't be happy with that!

viccat Tue 16-Apr-19 23:59:22

I think it just depends on the cat's personality and how they are generally with new people and situations (how they react to vet visits is a good gauge). My previous cat went to a cattery once and absolutely hated it, I decided I would never put any cat of mine through the experience again... Most cats are happiest in their own environment.

Lindy2 Tue 16-Apr-19 22:57:06

My 2 year old cat has just had a week in a cattery and has come home very happy and relaxed. It was her first time in a cattery and I picked one that has an enclosed garden that the cats get to go in.
By all accounts she had a lovely time playing with all the work experience students grin

Toddlerteaplease Tue 16-Apr-19 22:42:45

I thought that about my very nervous cats but they were fine. And I was much more relaxed knowing they had someone there all day with them.

AtSea1979 Tue 16-Apr-19 22:26:36

I guess it depends on the cat. I would try and get a different pet sitter to come to your house. There’s lots out there, everyone seems to be doing it.

Finfintytint Tue 16-Apr-19 22:25:05

My cat is not that old but would not do well in a cattery. She is quite nervous now and likes her own company. I fear it would be too stressful for her. What’s your cat’s temperament like?

Leyani Tue 16-Apr-19 22:22:26

We’re going away for a week and our usual cat sitter cannot help this time. We don’t really know any others and wondered if he’d be ok in a cattery. He has never been to one and at 17 is getting on a bit, so we wondered if he’s a bit old for something new like that? Should I try to find another sitter/plead with a neighbour? Any experiences with older cats?

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