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Skin issues

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russiandwarf Tue 09-Apr-19 13:39:14

One of my cats has been over grooming for a good couple of years (bald lower stomach underneath) The vet has always seemed unconcerned and I have tried every remedy going on advice that it was behavioural.

End of Feb I noticed she was licking some pink blotchy sores appearing on her bald underside. I thought she had just created these herself but it seemed odd as no matter how much previous licking has occurred there haven't been sores. These spread and became really inflamed and weepy and she's had jabs, cream, medication and now I'm waiting for a referral for dermatology which I have pushed for at the vet.

In the meantime the wounds are just not healing and I am fighting a losing battle to keep them clean and stop her licking. She does wear a soft cone round her neck but manages to pull it off during the day while I'm at work.

Does anyone have any advice re healing or any experience of this? I'm pretty desperate and we are both distressed about it!

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