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Can I trick her out of being fussy?

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Whathappenedtothelego Thu 04-Apr-19 09:49:33

I'm guessing this is going to be a resounding NO!

This time last year, cat started vomiting furballs. So we switched dried food to a fur ball control one. Which was eaten happily. Happily, I tell you!
Bag lasted about 3 months, since then we stuck to same brand but different flavours- new flavour every 3 months. All eaten with gusto.

Now as spring is in the air we have bought fur ball one again. And she won't touch it.
We tried sprinkling some from another flavour on top. She ate those enthusiastically but still left the rest.

Dd's cunning plan is to feed the one she likes and mix in more and more of the other each day.

Is it going to work?

Should add cat is not usually fussy, but likes to
Remind us who's in charge every now and then.

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Toddlerteaplease Thu 04-Apr-19 12:43:42

Try it. She might like the change!

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