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How to reduce the carnage...

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pastaparadise Mon 01-Apr-19 22:49:42

We have 2 neutered tom cat kittens (10 months). They've just started bringing in dead mice sad Maybe i was being naive not being prepared for this, but we had our last cat 10 years (admittedly a lady of mature years) and she only caught one mouse all those years.

We put collars and bells on them last week, but hasnt made any difference. At the moment they come and go as they please and are out a lot. Is there any way to reduce the killing? Would keeping them in overnight/ dusk help? Or any other recommendations? I hate finding mice but will be even more upset come baby bird season

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Wolfiefan Mon 01-Apr-19 22:52:28

All cats should be in overnight. Mine don’t go out until the sun is up and they’re in before it goes down.
How are they bringing them in? Cat flap? We don’t use one.
Collars are a real risk to cats. I wouldn’t use one.

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