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Fei Fei v's Molly

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Hyrana Fri 29-Mar-19 07:54:23

We live in SE Asia and have always had cats, all strays or from SPCA. We got Molly as a kitten from the SPCA 2 years ago and her and my older dog get on great, they snuggle and play together.
I was home in the UK for a while last year and DH called and said an elderly neighbour had asked very nicely if we would take her 10 year old cat FeiFei as she was downsizing and the cat hated the dog and they could not live together in a small space. We are total animal lovers and he obviously said yes.
Well, FeiFei is fine with our dog but hates and attacks Molly. She is a sweet cat and loves attention but the fights have been driving me mad and Molly is a tiny cat and gets really scared. We have taken to letting Molly out of our room about 7am and keeping FeiFei in her room from then until evening until Molly goes to bed!
We have done the swapping towels and bedding for the smell, I am thinking taking each of them into the others domain in a crate and let them yowl it out. The house is huge and windows are open all the time so it is really difficult to contain them unless we do the closed room thing.
It is a stressful situation, FeiFei is over 10 years old, hates other cats and most dogs so wont be re-homed easily.
Any suggestions? Thanks if you read it all smile

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Toddlerteaplease Fri 29-Mar-19 21:32:25

Terrible dilemma for you, but I think Fei fei needs to be rehomed. It's not fair on your existing cat.

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